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Erika Jayne Hires New Attorney After First Lawyer Ditched Her Amid Hulu Documentary Drama

Time for another update in the always-changing world of Erika Chahoy Girardi Jayne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Lambo Named Desire star is dealing with new twists and turns in the infamous Tom Girardi bankruptcy case. The former couple is in a lot of trouble, but you wouldn’t know it from Erika’s behavior. While she maintains ignorant bliss regarding Tommy’s heinous accounting, she holds a stoic exterior and boards PJs making sure her Cartier ring is on display.

Erika and Tom’s combined reputations have become a dumpster fire, but it worsened when Hulu released a revealing documentary detailing their alleged activities. Erika’s legal representation quit after denouncing her ability to tell the truth, only to return days later. Unfortunately, it looks like Peaches & Herb were busy because Erika and her lawyer were reunited and it felt so bad. Now EJ has a new guy ready to take on the challenge of helping her communicate her innocense through costume.

Tom has definitely been staying under the radar, much unlike his estranged wife. After receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Tom’s brother took over his life and his frozen assets. To be fair, no one knows where Tommy is stashed, but last we heard he addressed the court and requested his conservatorship be dissolved. Obviously it’s curious when a man declared to have dementia faces the judge with prepared papers and wants his chaperone to take a hike.

Erika hasn’t had it any easier. She’s facing public scrutiny and online attacks, but her lack of emotion, remorse, or any visible human feelings have not endeared her to the Bravo community. Her legal defense has also taken some hits. Erika denies knowledge of Tom’s wrongdoings, but submitted evidence tells another story. In June, her attorneys peaced out and claimed the “relationship is irreparable”, but came back for round two anyway. Now we learn Dinsmore & Shohl LLP have decided to salvage their reputation and EJ will move forward with new counsel.


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According to Us Weekly, Erika filed paperwork on July 5 and notified the court that Evan C. Borges, is the new dude in charge. Good luck, Ev! The attorney will do fun things like, attempt to prove Erika had no involvement in embezzled funds meant for widows and orphans. Evan will also tackle individual suits from Tom’s clients now directed to sue Erika for settlement funds never received. The fortunate lawyer can look forward to hanging out with Mikey Minden and maybe getting tips on how to photograph his good side.

Erika’s new attorney will be able to look at her case from a fresh point of view and introduce a vigorous and updated version of her defense. She hopes. Evan definitely has a job on his hands and by all accounts is up for the task. No word on whether or not Erika’s previous lawyer is taking the rest of the week off to endure intensive therapy in an attempt to rid his brain of bad dance music and latex onesies. As for Blanche Erika, she always depended on the kindness of strangers.


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