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Investigators Will Transcribe Every Word Erika Jayne Says On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills As Evidence Amidst Tom Girardi’s Legal Issues

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back, and this season is setting up to be a doozy. And this time, the crew didn’t even need Brandi Glanville to come in and make things interesting. Obviously, the biggest story fans are expecting is to see Erika Jayne’s legal issues and divorce involving Tom Girardi play out. Tom is being accused of misappropriating more than $26 million in unpaid settlement funds to victims of car crashes, fires and more. And the accusations just keep coming. While Tom is now broke, unable to practice law and very sick, Erika is doing anything she can to absolve herself of any fault in the case. But the receipts aren’t looking good so far. And her questionably timed divorce, which she says is the result of Tom’s infidelity, looks like another attempt for her to protect her assets. The judge did have to stop her from selling her clothes online after, so it doesn’t look good.

The premiere of RHOBH Season 11 was eerie when it came to Erika Girardi’s impending issues. Erika talked about dinners with Tom and cleaned out her “overflow” closet in her $16 million mansion without a care in the world. Little does she know she’s about to move to a place of her own and lose her $40k a month glam squad. And she thought #pantygate with Dorit Kemsley was bad. 

Fans are going to be watching EJ veryyyy closely this season to determine her position in the whole thing. And according to The Daily Mail, so are investigators. Two trustees in Tom’s lawsuit have hired Beverly Hills attorney Ronald Richards to investigate Erika’s finances specifically, amid accusations that she’s hiding some of Tom’s assets. And part of that investigation apparently includes tuning into RHOBH every Wednesday night. “We will be transcribing every word. The show does not provide immunity to its talent,” Richards tweeted. So crazy.

If approved by the judge, Richards (as if the RHOBH needed another Richards) and another special counsel will become “bounty hunters” who can keep as much as 45% of what they seize from Erika, according to the Los Angeles Times. “If she wears a $150,000 ring, the victims are going to say, ‘That is my diamond.’ If she is going to wear a $10,000 blazer, they are going to say, ‘That is my blazer,'” attorney William F. Savino said. “If I am a victim, I am going to want her chased to the ends of the Earth and pushed off.”


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Like I said, Erika has been adamant about proclaiming her innocence, but fans don’t totally buy it. She’s reportedly filed an objection to stop an investigation against her. She also reportedly claims Richards is biased as he’s representing plaintiffs in another case against her spouse. Sounds convenient. Also according to that filing, Erika says that besides a few “household items,” her possessions were all gifts from her husband which she is entitled to keep. Gross. Also, do the altar and pews in her in-home chapel count as “household items” in the book of Erika Jayne? I have so many questions.

The word on the street is that Erika will be open about the case on the show, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. While we won’t have Lisa Vanderpump there to put Erika on the chopping block, we have the newest diamond holder Sutton Stracke doing her own investigation Meghan King Edmonds style.


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