RHONJ's Danielle Staub Tells Amy Phillips How Caroline Manzo's Family Harassed Her Into Moving Away

Danielle Staub Says Erika Jayne Should Sell Belongings To Reimburse Victims Who Are Owed Money From Tom Girardi

How does the saying go? The devil works hard, but Danielle Staub works harder. Especially when it comes to inserting herself into any and every Bravo narrative since departing from the Real Housewives of New Jersey a second time. Her most recent stunt was an appearance in a Hulu documentary about Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi’s shady divorce and embezzlement allegations. And it led everyone, including Andy Cohen, to wonder what made Danielle the expert on this topic in the first place. To her, the fact that they both danced in the same go-go bar back in the day and appeared on Real Housewives is enough credibility. And it’s saying something that not even thirsty old Brandi Glanville turned down an appearance in the doc.

The documentary itself was very revealing about the ins and outs of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s lavish lifestyle that is allegedly built off of the trauma of others. Tom is being accused of stealing millions from victims of horrific incidents to fund EJ’s glam squads and private jets. And even though she’s being accused of spending money her soon-to-be ex-husband made illegally, Erika is proving she’s a stone-cold villain by prioritizing, well, herself. Even though she’s still flying in PJs and wearing designer outfits everywhere she goes. And for once, the RHOBH mean girls squad is giving EJ a pass. Where’s the outrage? Don’t worry, Danielle is making up for that by talking even more about Erika’s allegations.

Recently, Beverly Danielle spoke to Daily Mail to give Erika some actually good advice on how to somewhat redeem herself from her husband’s alleged evil actions. “I would have been impressed if [Erika] said, ‘Oh my God, like, I never thought of that. Yeah, take my jewelry, give it back to them,” she said, suggesting Erika give selling her clothes another go, but this time using the money to pay back the victims rather than keep Mikey Minden on payroll. She said Erika would’ve “redeemed [herself] in my book” by doing that.

“When you knowingly have caused harm to not just widows and not just orphans, but a multitude of people — who have videotapes of them — it just … it cuts me some place very deep because I don’t come from that,” Danielle continued. Exactly. So not everything Danielle says is a total load of crap.  “$26 million that was stolen from people? I’m sorry, that’s … that’s a lot of money that doesn’t belong to you,” she added. BOOM.


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Even if Erika was unaware of Tom’s illicit riches until she filed for divorce, she still is aware that these so-called “gifts” from Tom were earned in such a dark way. If she sold off half of her closet and kept the rest of her lavish lifestyle, she could literally change these victims’ lives. But she’s calling scapegoat and clutching onto every prized possession she has. It’s obvious her heart is so cold that even though she would be totally well-off without the storage units full of material things, they’re the only thing left in her sham life anymore. It’s really nauseating.

Danielle continued to criticize EJ. “Erika has put herself into a position to be judged,” she said. “I think that she’s handling it very poorly.” Finally, SOMEONE said it, I just never expected Danielle to be the person. Why is Erika acting like she’s playing a role in a soap opera or drama film rather than literally being accused of horrific crimes? Like the feds are making her turn in all of her financial records to fully investigate Erika, yet she’s going around complaining about the Bravo editors. Get a grip, girl. And to Lisa Rinna, shame on you for not making your new friend OWN IT while throwing Denise Richards under the bus last season.


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Danielle has recently been on a kick of shaming Bravo for “glorifying criminals” mostly because she’s still bitter that Teresa Giudice became more of an OG than her. And so she couldn’t finish the interview without adding that in. “Shame on Bravo and NBC Universal for promoting it and monetizing off of it. This is not a joke. These are people’s lives,” she added. Let us not forget Danielle came onto Bravo with a pretty extensive criminal past herself. That’s what indirectly led to the infamous RHONJ table flip. But I digress.


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