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Judge Rules Tom Girardi’s Clients Can Collect Payments From Erika Jayne

Who’s hunky dory today? Not Erika Jayne, future poor person on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the blink of an eye, Erika’s life has gone from a Pretty Mess to a Pity Mess, except the person hosting the pity party is Erika and the only attendee is a mirror. I appreciate Evolution’s fervent desire to make Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff’s battle with the heartbreak of passive-aggressiveness a thing, but would people tune in if Erika’s life wasn’t actively imploding?

Erika retained a whole new lawyer in the Tom Girardi bankruptcy case, which is a good thing because his “to-do” list just became incredibly long. Erika is trying to protect her assets and her “personal gifts” from becoming eligible for collection by creditors seeking payments Tom never dished out. Recently a former client of Tom’s requested approval from the court to sue Erika directly for outstanding settlement funds. Today, EJ is looking for a hiding space for her Panther ring because Joseph Ruigomez has a green light to go after her assets.

Welp, more bad news for EJ. The lady who likes to tell everyone “it’s expensive to be me” might want to switch that to “it’s expensive to stay free“. Joseph is one of many people burned by Tom and sadly, burned in an explosion courtesy of PG&E. In 2010, a PG&E natural gas pipeline ruptured in California. Joseph received burns over 90% of his body, his girlfriend perished in the fire, and he also lost his home. Tom won $11.5 million whilst representing Joe and then proceeded to embezzle the money.

After Tommy was forced into bankruptcy, Joe petitioned the court to request the $11.5 million not to be charged off. He also requested permission to sue Erika as an individual in an effort to satisfy the debt. According to People, Joseph is going for it. Court records show Joseph, Jaime Ruigomez, and Kathleen Ruigomez, will be able to collect the $11 million. That’s if you can get blood from a turnip or cash from offshore accounts, I guess.


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The judge placed a previous stay (hold) on taking Tommy’s stuff during the bankruptcy investigation process. BUT, after it came out Girardi Keese transferred a hunky dory $20 mil to EJ’s businesses, the judge was like, “oh hell no” and approved Joseph’s request to file suit against Erika. Don’t worry about EJ though because if you go by her Twitter, she’s all good. When news broke about the court’s decision, she posted a photo of herself with the caption, “The Ice Queen can take it”. Well honey, it looks like the Ice Queen is gonna have to give it back.

Legal papers state, “All assets identified by the Ruigomez family shall be subject to all rights of the Girardi bankruptcy estate and the [Girardi Keese] bankruptcy estate, which parties shall meet and confer in good faith to determine the character/ownership of the identified assets. The Ruigomez Family, the Girardi Trustee and the GK Trustee shall cooperate with each other with their collection efforts against Erika.” EJ’s new attorney didn’t respond to a request for comment because he may or may not be in the fetal position and seriously questioning his life choices. Stay tuned.


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