Erika Jayne Reacts To Fan Comments About Her Appearance During Makeup-Free Gas Station Run

Erika Jayne might be listening to the advice of attorneys or trying to convince the general population she routinely lives in sweatpants and has hair that isn’t flat ironed at 20 minute intervals. It’s a nice effort, but could be too little too late. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has always been very… specific about her appearance. Viewers have seen countless segments of Erika getting spackled by a crew of people in charge of her lewks over the years.

Erika has also verbally informed fans the price of looking like you don’t give any fucks is approximately $40k per month. For roughly the cost of a 2021 BMW X2, you can have make-up like Erika every four weeks. She has been on RHOBH since 2015 but fans don’t generally see EJ out and about. Imagine the surprise when she was papped yesterday, pumping gas, looking like your auntie. Now Erika has something to say to the people who had something to say about her conveniently-timed lack of glam.

Paparazzi in Hollywood usually don’t stalk Housewives unless they’ve transitioned from famous to infamous courtesy of incredibly unsettling accusations. Yesterday The Sun shared some very candid shots of Erika out and about without her Gucci tracksuit and folks were shooketh. People made disparaging remarks about her unkept look on Twitter and some wondered if this is more about strategy than comfort. An EJ follower wrote, “Y’all don’t know shit about Erika cause this has always been her when she’s just hanging with her friends.” Excellent point, we don’t know. Because Erika CLEARLY doesn’t show her “real” life on “reality” television and her “friends” are usually “staff”. Erika retweeted this comment and said, “Exactly”.

Pardon literally everyone for questioning someone who communicates through costume. Exactly what message is Erika communicating in a Billionaire Boys Club shirt? Then a fan posted a pic of a lady in a ball gown and wrote, “Dunno about y’all but this is what I wear when I go put gas in my car.” Erika retweeted that one too. Obviously anyone who questions Erika is foolish, so now we are all Sutton Stracke I guess. She seemed to retreat with, “Goodnight Twitter, please be in full glam when pumping gas. Apparently it’s a big deal.” But the internet wasn’t quite finished.


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Someone wrote, “The pumping gas isn’t the big deal it’s your inability to see getting on social media and saying things like this make you sound out of touch with reality.” Erika shot back with a meme of herself advising, “go be offended at your own life”. That would be a devastating comeback in the breakroom at JC Penney, but seems insensitive in this context considering real people have suffered. Luckily someone came to Erika’s rescue, “I am disgusted at how your [sic] being treated. All these people are trying to crucify you. When did the court of public opinion become a court of law? Leave the woman alone people.” Guys, we found the one person Tom Girardi doesn’t owe!

What about the widows and orphans?? “Stealing from victims and orphans or knowing what has happened and having no remorse after is……AN EVEN BIGGER DEAL!!,” a commenter added. Oddly, Erika is not responding to negative posts. She also missed, “Hey, love, how about showing concern for the young man burned in the PG&E explosion? He’s in pain and needs surgeries while you are using his money for glam.”


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Obviously Erika is innocent until proven guilty, but the court of public opinion exists and no one is forced to partake in reality tv shows where lives are documented. As desensitized viewers, we expect poor and sometimes unethical behavior, but the price of showing compassion costs a lot less than owing 20 million dollars. If EJ doesn’t want people commenting on her life, maybe she should take a break from getting paid to have her life filmed.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]