Lisa Vanderpump’s Organization Vanderpump Dogs Sued By Woman Who Claims They Falsified Records; Woman Is “Utterly Traumatized” After Catching Worms From Adopted Dog

Lisa Vanderpump has a lot of lovers and a lot of haters and then there are the folks who don’t necessarily like her, but give her a pass because of her devotion to dog rescue. During her time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit produced several glitzy hotspots and probably her favorite business to date. In 2016, Lisa founded Vanderpump Dogs with the vision to make a dent in the animal rescue community and “create a better world for man’s best friend”.

Not even I can snark on that, so moving on. While Vanderpump Dogs’ mission is clear, it hasn’t come without problems. In January 2020, a former employee sued the organization for sexual harassment and now a particularly unpleasant situation has reared it’s head. A woman is claiming a dog she adopted from Lisa’s facility didn’t come with sugar and spice and everything nice. It came filled with worms and had the audacity to pass them on.

Lisa stans beware, someone is coming for your Queen. This is the sordid tale of a woman who sought to adopt a canine in need of rescue and now says she was duped with false info by Vanderpump Dogs. Oh, she also apparently got worms from the dog. Lots and lots of worms. Honestly, more worms than I have ever seen described before. If nothing else, this should give the RHOBH ladies something to talk about in the press.


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According to People, “A woman said in a complaint that she is ‘utterly traumatized’ from allegedly getting intestinal parasites from a dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dog Foundation“. Oh, Darling… The rescue org is being sued for negligence and fraud because “the woman” claims they falsified records of the pup she took home. And then came THE WORMS. The plaintiff met her dog Cassie in 2019. She was allegedly advised by the staff Cassie was safe to play with even though she had not been dewormed. Fun Fact: Always want to make sure your doggo is is dewormed to prevent gastrointestinal (stomach) issues.

After bonding with Cassie, “the woman” was approved for adoption the next day and told Cassie is a “puppy in a healthy condition” with all shots and treatments complete. “The woman” also claims Vanderpump Dogs provided sketchy immunization records and a false certificate stating Cassie had been dewormed. Unfortunately, “as soon as she brought the dog home”, the dog immediately began showing signs of a worm infection, that I guess was previously disguised by the clever pink lighting at Vanderpump Dogs. “The woman” had Cassie treated at a vet clinic, but her harrowing experience was far from over.


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Days later, “the woman” got sick and was diagnosed with a “severe worm infection later diagnosed as intestinal parasites”. Gross. “The woman” also says the experience left her “utterly traumatized” and suffers from “emotional distress, disgust, and nightmares” from allegedly evacuating “live worms and eggs from her mouth, vagina and anus”. Don’t worry, I too am wondering about the interesting medical phenomena of expelling an intestinal parasite from your vaginal situation. Also, bless “the woman’s” superior eyesight which allows her to spot transparent, microscopic eggs.

“The woman” wants payment for medical expenses and cleaning expenses required to get rid of the parasites in her apartment. Damn, those parasites just moved right on in and took over, didn’t they? Vanderpump Dogs did not respond to a request for comment but by the end of the day John Sessa will probably escort LVP to an undisclosed location for a lie detector test in an effort to absolve her organization from these allegations.


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