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Attorney Jay Edelson Says Erika Jayne Was Was “Knee-Deep In This Fraud”; Determined To Prove She’s Involved In Tom Girardi’s Embezzlement

Grab your thigh-high boots y’all because we are now KNEE-DEEP in this mess. If you thought a lack of blending skills was Erika Jayne’s main problem, buckle up. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Illegally Blonde and The Housewife and the Hustler star is currently on hold at Craig Conover’s law office because her attorneys ran away. But don’t worry about Erika because a whole SLEW of other lawyers are plenty interested in what she’s up to.

Arguably the most famous Richards RHOBH has spawned is now Ronald Richards, the attorney assigned to Erika’s case to investigate her every hiss and eye roll. Emily D. Baker is another lawyer who has taken a keen interest in Erika and Tom Girardi’s massive judicial issues. And then we have Jay Edelson, of Edelson PC. Jay’s firm filed a class action lawsuit against Tom on behalf of plane crash victims duped out of settlement money. Edelson PC is determined to prove Erika’s involvement in Tom’s charades, despite her denial of any wrongdoings. According to Jay, we’re about to find out who the sniper from the side really is.

Gee, I hope Lisa Vanderpump marks out some more cast members’ faces because Erika certainly hasn’t given them anything else to talk about. Perhaps Erika wasn’t actually on truth’s side after all. Yesterday we learned Erika’s lawyers peaced out faster than Kyle Richards in Amsterdam. But this time, we’ve definitely been talking about the husband. Erika continues to deny knowledge of Tom’s crimes, but presented documentation suggests otherwise. Now Edelson PC wants to show Erika’s denials are about as solid as Tom’s declaration of being a nice old dude. Jay was on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast and Us Weekly has the scoop.

The attorney said, “We believe we’re going to be able to prove that Erika was incredibly involved in not just the law firm, but also, he was loaning millions of dollars to her company.” I mean COME ON, she had her own record label by 2014. Do you think Universal Music Group was throwing record contracts at a 45-year-old in pigtails? Jay continued, “And we think that money came from client funds. And that’s all going to be part of proof that we showed to a jury — that she was knee-deep in this fraud.” Tom’s camp is utilizing the Alzheimer’s Disease defense, despite Tom’s prepared request to dissolve his conservatorship last week. Jay said, “I’m not a doctor, I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that it seemed very convenient.”


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You mean convenient like the robbery? “When we put out the facts that we found through our investigation of the types of things he was trying to do, during the time he had Alzheimer’s, he was scheming to protect himself from the fraud. He was scheming to try to sell cases that he had in the pipeline to other firms,” Jay added.

Edelson PC is on a mission to satisfy their clients. “If we’re successful [in our case], that means that we’re going to be able to get whatever possessions she has back in order to pay off any sort of judgment. I mean, it gets really nasty when you get a judgment and someone doesn’t want to pay, you literally can depose them and say we want to go through your purse, take out the possessions in your purse, you know that is no longer yours.” Taylor Armstrong has entered the chat!


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Ultimately, Jay thinks the contents of the Pasadena Palace will go to the highest bidder. “I know that that’s happening with the stuff that’s in his office. Different things, but they’ll auction that stuff off.” If you ever wanted a piece of Erika, the enigma wrapped in subterfuge and trickery, get ready to negotiate over whatever the thieves didn’t take. If you were concerned lawyers had a thing against Erika, rest easy. Jay and the rest of the Pretty MEsquire Squad are still quite interested in the Fox Force Felon.


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