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Real Housewives Of New York Midseason Trailer Teases Drama Between Sonja Morgan And Ramona Singer

At this point, I’m ready for Season 13 of the Real Housewives of New York to be over already. And it honestly makes me sad as hell to say that. RHONY used to bring reliable entertainment year after year. I never get tired of Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer’s Thing One and Thing Two antics. I loved the mess that was Tinsley Mortimer, particularly when Dale Mercer was involved. Before Bethenny Frankel started bashing Bravo, she was the Queen B. But this year, it’s just a bust.

RHONY has gone through a major shift in the past year, much of it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eboni K. Williams’ entrance as the first Black cast member has brought conversations about racism and white privilege to the forefront. Luann de Lesseps is past her days of falling in bushes and sleeping with pirates, opting for yoga and alcohol-free rose instead. And the majority of scenes in Season 13 fluctuate from being dark and gloomy to downright boring. Although she came in hot, Bershan Shaw had a point when she called them a bunch of “boring grandmas.”

So it wasn’t a total surprise when rumors started swirling that RHONY is in jeopardy after this season. It started with whisperings that the Ramonacoaster is getting the boot, but who knows how true that is considering she’s always been central to the show. Then, based on rumored bad ratings, news broke that the reunion filming is potentially postponed. And Bravo just released the mid-season trailer for Season 13, and honestly, it doesn’t look like the rest of the episodes will be very promising.

People unveiled the new trailer, with the most exciting moment being when Sonjarita tells Mona to “shut the f**k up.” But frankly, is that really that new and exciting? Maybe considering the newfound LuMona friendship, but Sonja has always been able to stand on her own. 


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Ramona also seems to try (probably for the cameras) to loosen up a bit in the coming episodes and is seen licking a penis cake and humping a martini shaker. At one point, she’s seemingly dressed up as Leah McSweeney with a zebra top and long extensions. And she says, “I need some hot cock.” We know Ramona hates penis talk, but maybe it’s only not classy to bring it up at the dinner table. That sounds exactly like some Mona logic. This coming from the woman who mistakes dog food for a fancy pre-dinner snack. 

The aforementioned LuMona friendship also seems to be in jeopardy already. But again, we’ve seen Lu and Ramona go head-to-head plenty of times in the past. “I love Ramona but sometimes she is really tone-deaf,” Lu says at one point. True, but Lu isn’t always the best at choosing her words either i.e. the “education” fight from earlier this season. Sonja seems to also “catch a dick” at one point and, honestly, good for her.


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But otherwise, the trailer is not giving any hope that this season will get any better. They should’ve pulled out the big guns and brought Dorinda Medley in halfway through to bring some life into this dull season.


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