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Funds From Tom Girardi’s Law Firm Used To Buy Jewelry For Erika Jayne

Things just keep getting messier and messier for the Pretty Mess, aka, Erika Jayne. Allegations a plenty are stacking up against Mr. Tomfoolery Tom Girardi. And we don’t know if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is as in the dark as she claims to be. While Tom is busy invoking his fifth amendment rights and saying that he’s suffering from Alzheimers, Erika is busy stunting on social media and saying she doesn’t give a f*ck. Strange behavior for someone who is under so much scrutiny.

She’s also accused of receiving approximately $20 million in loans from Tom’s law firm, Girardi Keese. And just last month, a judge ordered Erika to turn over all her financial records. That includes bank statements, cashier’s checks and any related text messages or emails. Yikes. So right about now, it probably feels like the walls are closing in on Erika in her multi-million dollar bungalow.

But it’s getting worse, folks. Attorney Ronald Richards is working on the investigation into Erika. He stated that while she did turn over the records, there are still some missing elements. He recently spoke with Us Weekly and noted, “She’s been turning it over, but we’re having some discovery disputes as to what’s been redacted and stuff like that.”

Apparently, they have uncovered records that show Girardi Keese used funds to buy jewelry. To be clear, it has not been proven that those purchases were for Erika. Ronald said, “We saw jewelry payments that the firm has bought from a jeweler. We haven’t sourced it to Erika yet.” He also notes that the purchases were in the range of “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Ronald added that this is harder to track down becasue jewelry is not like a house or a car with a deed. He explained, “We don’t know who else Mr. [Tom] Girardi would be buying jewelry for. But, you know, jewelry doesn’t come with certificates of title, so we still need to explore that.”


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Erika’s lawyer has maintained,“Everything Erika did is legitimate. No assets are hidden. Erika is allowed to move on with her life.”

Of course Erika is entitled to her day(s) in court and is innocent until proven guilty. The problem is, in the court of public opinion, Erika isn’t looking so good. And as more and more comes out to haunt her, it’s only going to get worse.


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