Tom Girardi’s Former Employee Questions Erika Jayne’s Sincerity On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

If you haven’t already watched The Housewife and the Hustler, get to it. Not only does it open with the ever-hypnotic and chaotic Danielle Staub divvying out strip club secrets, but the actual alleged victims of Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne are heavily involved. Hearing the story of these embezzlement claims from the victims’ mouths is another experience altogether.

That said, if you have ears, eyes, and a shred of critical thinking, you are probably getting a good sense of what’s going on from watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in isolation. That “crying scene” Erika put on with Kyle Richards last week was…something. Of course, Bravo fans have been glued to this season. We also know investigators have been tuning in. What’s next, the victims?

Actually yes. Recently, Kim Archie, a former legal consultant at Girardi Keese turned victim of Tom Girardi, confessed that she has been watching RHOBH this season. Kim was not only involved in the Housewife and the Hustler documentary, but recently participated in an interview with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast that was picked up by Us Weekly. Kim’s first comment about the newly-single Erika?

“There’s been waterproof mascara since 1938 — before we were all born — so I’m sure she could get waterproof mascara,” Kim professed. Kim added, “She likes big sunglasses. There are scenes that somebody posted where she’s inside with sunglasses. So she’s sitting in bright sunlight with non-waterproof mascara, you know, just sobbing.”

During the podcast interview, hostess Heather added that it’s usually natural to wipe your face while sobbing black tears on a national platform. Kim added, “That whole scene — and I watched it — did she take acting classes? I thought she went to, like, an art high school in Atlanta. She needs to get her money back from any classes because nobody was buying any of that,” Archie continued. “I mean, that was terrible acting. It was horrible.” Worse than when EJ complimented she and Tom’s healthy sex life tho?


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If you didn’t watch the documentary exposing Erika and her diminishing husband, you should know that Kim Archie actually led one of Tom’s victims right to him. Kim recommended her friend Kathy Ruigomez pursue the legal services of Tom following her son’s severe burn injuries from a pipeline explosion in his home. The doc alleges that Tom essentially “robbed” Kathy’s son of about $11 million.

Kim gave insight into how her suffering friend is doing now. She said, “Kathy [Ruigomez] and I — she’s been watching it since Erika got on because, you know, they had dealings with them [and] she thought maybe she’d learn something new — so we’re talking about it, and she said something that really struck me. She’s like, ‘She wants people to be sympathetic, but she’s not sympathetic.’” No. No she is not. Erika hasn’t served so much as a downward glance for the potential victims she’s ignoring in all of this.


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Kim asked what we have all been wondering. She said, “Who gave [Erika] that narrative? Like, who’s crafting this PR stuff? I mean, come on. We all know she’s on a reality show. She’s done enough media. Her side has to craft a narrative and lay it out — who’s doing it? Who’s coming up with this? Because it looks wild. I mean, it doesn’t make sense.”

With every day comes a new revelation in this mess. As we hear more from the victims, it just gets more and more awkward what Erika and her remaining friends on the cast try to pull off. Catch the mid-season trailer details here to see what I mean.


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