Tom Girardi Reportedly Invoking His Fifth Amendment Rights To Avoid Answering Questions About Clients’ Missing Settlement Funds

There’s Real-life courtroom drama making its way onto this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And the more news comes out, the worse the story gets. Tom Girardi is accused of embezzling millions upon millions from his law clients. And many of them were granted settlement funds after being victims or family members of victims of horrific accidents. Erika Jayne decided to get out of dodge and divorce Tom as the news came out. Which obviously raised questions about whether or not it was a ploy to protect her assets.

And Erika seems to be worried about her appearance (and clutching onto all the “gifts” Tom gave her) rather than the actual victims who are OWED the money. Like she said herself, she really doesn’t give a f–k about anyone except Erika Jayne. Or that’s at least how she’s acting on the internet.

Big news broke recently that Tom has been put under conservatorship due to his ailing health, with his brother in charge of cleaning up the mess. Tom’s brother, Robert Girardi, was ordered to appear in court with all of Tom’s financial records. Erika also is expected to turn over her records, which she’s reportedly NOT happy about. And a judge recently ruled that the victims can go after Erika for the money they’re due, rightful so. But the Ice Queen is still crying poor me in SOMEONE’S private jet, to slap the victims in the face one more time.

And now we have more news and yes, it’s about Tom. The disgraced lawyer was ordered to appear in court this week and answer questions regarding a $2 million suit owed to his former client. His client were the family members of someone who died in a horrific plane crash.

During a hearing earlier in the week, according to Radar OnlineTom and his law firm bookkeeper David Lira were asked if they planned to testify at the upcoming contempt hearing. However, their lawyers declared the pair intends to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights, as to not self-incriminate. But sometimes, silence is louder than words.


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Because Tom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, his lawyers don’t believe he would be able to sufficiently testify for a lengthy period of time. Tom is apparently having trouble recalling conversations, so it sounds like his brother or Erika might be called to do all the talking. She’ll probably forget to wear waterproof mascara or her Versace pajamas to the court that day, as to continue her new alter-ego of scorn divorcee who was brought down by her husband.

But let’s remember — there wouldn’t be an Erika Jayne if it weren’t for Tom funding her career. And it’s clear he’s built his wealth on the back of fraud, so Erika needs to own up to that at the very least.


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