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Erika Jayne Doesn’t “Give A F*ck” If Her Co-Stars Believe Her About Lack Of Involvement In Tom Girardi’s Legal Drama

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is all about Erika Jayne these days. Oh, and Crystal Kung Minkoff’s leather pants that co-star Sutton Stracke hilariously insulted. I do love Sutton and her quirky personality.

Erika’s husband, Tom Girardi, allegedly withheld $26 million dollars in settlement funds from his clients. Tom also gave Erika $20 million in loans from his law firm. RHOBH star Erika has been saying that she didn’t know about any of her husband’s business transactions. However, Erika’s signature on some loan documents could prove otherwise.

Erika filed for divorce from Tom on November 3, 2020. There have been claims that the divorce filing was merely an attempt to hide assets. Lately, Erika has found herself in some very hot water. A judge recently decided that Tom’s clients can go after any assets that Erika has to obtain the money that they are owed.

During the most recent episode of RHOBH, Erika was a puddle of tears. She told her co-stars that when Tom was in a car accident several years ago, it was much worse than she told the ladies. He was unconscious for 12 hours and had a head injury. In addition, he broke his ankle, shoulder, and clavicle. Erika said that he drove off a cliff near their home. After he called her, she was the one who found him. He wasn’t in the car, but it wasn’t clear if he fell out or was ejected.

Sutton was pretty confused by this tale, and she’s not alone.  I’m going to need a diagram to figure this out. Sutton is reportedly the only RHOBH cast member who didn’t support Erika during her divorce. I actually think this baffling story is what causes Sutton to doubt Erika.


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Well, if you were wondering how Erika is feeling, you’re about to find out courtesy of a Page Six paparazzi video interview. Erika was seen leaving a building. The paparazzi yelled, “Hi Erika! How are you doing, doll?” Erika responded, “I’m awesome. Fantastic!”

The paparazzi said, “Erika– quick question. How upsetting is it to you that your cast mates don’t believe you?” Erika didn’t miss a beat. “They don’t? Are you sure?” she replied in an exaggerated tone.

“Do they believe you?” the paparazzi inquired. “I don’t really give a f*ck if they do or they don’t,” Erika commented. There’s the Erika we all know!

The paparazzi asked, “Who is your biggest supporter right now?” Erika didn’t name any of her friends or RHOBH co-stars. “Me,” she responded. “You are? What needs to happen right… for things to get better for you at this point?” the photographer asked.


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“Things are great,” Erika said as she closed the door to her car. So, if you were wondering how many f*cks Erika gives, that would be zero.


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