Lisa Vanderpump Claps Back at Vicki Gunvalson’s Fiance Steve Lodge For Criticizing Her COVID-19 Protocol At Restaurants

Lisa Vanderpump is a certified boss. She doesn’t need the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore to give her a platform — she’s got plenty going on. From her several businesses to prepping for her first grandchild, she’s quite busy. Well, not too busy to fight with her old pals like Kyle Richards. Or criticize her former co-stars for giving a free pass to Erika Jayne. The shady Brit is a boss, but she’s still messy. And that will likely continue next season on Vanderpump Rules. 

LVP recently found herself the target of an attack straight out of left field. Steve Lodge, the fiance of Real Housewives of Orange County former fired star Vicki Gunvalson, is trying to use LVP’s name to make his California gubernatorial run somewhat relevant. Because appearances (and maybe funding) from Vicki isn’t enough. I sense a publicity stunt.

Steve recently slammed Lisa for creating strict COVID-19 protocol at her restaurants as the Delta variant of the virus rages on in the U.S. She requires patrons to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before dining in, a fair request. Nope, Steve Lodge felt his rights were being trampled on and made a video to let everyone know it. I cannot roll my eyes harder than I am right now.


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And LVP clapped back, even though she didn’t have to. In an interview with Too FabLVP said Steve and Vicki have a right not to dine in her West Hollywood restaurants. “I have a right to protect my staff and my customers,” she added.  “I’m not saying it’s mandatory vaccination. I would like to, but we can’t, people have their own choice.” Tell him, Lisa. She added that her restaurants were some of the last to reopen during the pandemic because she’s very cautious and protective about the whole situation. So she’s not messing around. 

Vicki’s man also compared COVID to other viruses like the flu, Ebola, and hepatitis, to name a few.  Which is just nonsense to LVP. “Ebola is a terribly contagious disease. I spoke with the United Nations about it,” she said. “If 600,000 people in America had died from Ebola, trust me, I would want an Ebola vaccine as well before you came into my restaurant. But that wasn’t the way, so making those kind of comparisons is bulls–t.” Honestly, LVP should run for governor. She would have the Bravo community and dog-lovers behind her.

Lisa added that Steve can “take his rights and go somewhere else” and that she’s “not going to miss him.” Nice try, Steve. But if you mess with LVP, especially when it comes to her businesses, expect a clap back.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]