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Margaret Josephs Reportedly Accuses Teresa Giudice’s Man Luis Ruelas Of Being A Sex Addict While Filming Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 12

Teresa Giudice was on cloud nine by the end of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11.  She was moving forward with her life finally.  After spending 15 months in jail for fraud, and finally divorcing Joe Giudice, Teresa found a little happiness in the arms of a new man and the two went public in November 2020.

Luis Ruelas was introduced mid-season on RHONJ.  The two seemed smitten with each other, though they were still early in their relationship.  Luis made Teresa smile after years of hardship, and also crave pineapple like crazy.  The change in Teresa was apparent to her cast mates, and even on-again-off-again nemesis Jackie Goldschneider couldn’t help but wish her the best.

Well, that was last season.  It’s reality TV and we need some drama.  And what’s a volatile season without a juicy rumor or two?  Leave it to Margaret Josephs, someone very anti-Teresa, to supposedly create/spread a rumor regarding Luis.  Of course, based on what we saw last season, Margaret is never one to start or fuel a rumor.  Never!  So what she is allegedly saying must ring true to her.

A RHONJ insider gave an exclusive statement to The Sun about the gossip.  The insider revealed, “everyone has been gossiping about Teresa, however Margaret Josephs has been the most vocal on camera, claiming that Luis Ruelas is a ‘sex addict’ with ‘a history of abuse’ in which she references tales that Louie’s past girlfriends have shared online.”


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Luis’ ex-fiancee Vanessa Reiser has been very vocal about her experience, and she filed legal action against him at the time their relationship ended.  She claimed he, “demanded sex four times a day.  He demanded that I be available for sex whenever he wanted.”

The lawsuit was settled outside of court and the agreements are unknown, but Vanessa’s accusations are accessible.  “If I objected to his demands, Luis Ruelas would punish me,” the statement continued, “he would be nasty, withdraw from me, and blame me for what happened.”

Another ex accused Luis of “controlling and abusive behavior, “as reported by The Sun.  This lawsuit was filed on April 15th before being quickly dropped.  It read,”in October 2019, [Luis] abandoned [his ex] in Provincetown, Massachusetts and then padlocked [his ex] out of the [New Jersey] home that they shared.  After some other instances of controlling, abusive behavior, [Luis] gave [his ex] various gifts to induce [her] to continue her relationship with [Luis]…”

The business man allegedly formed a social worker company as a “gift” to his ex.  She was meant to have authority over the business, before Luis supposedly “arrogating unto himself” sole control.  “In addition, [Luis] has threatened [the ex] that he will contact her friends to damage her reputation,” the court papers concluded.


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So, if any of these accusations are true, then Margaret is simply pointing out the words of Louis’s exes.  And Margaret is surely differentiating between what she is saying and repeating idle gossip.  No, this really is not comparable to Teresa showing up at Evan Goldschneider’s birthday and spreading rumors of his infidelity.  Unsurprisingly, the only RHONJ cast member who is “supportive” of Teresa’s relationship is Jennifer Aydin.

The source added, “behind Teresa’s back the women have gone as far as to label Luis ‘an opportunist’ with ‘an agenda’ and proceed to mock Teresa’s intelligence for falling in love with a man who has such a questionable history.”

Meanwhile, Teresa and Luis are still happy in their blissful bubble.  Another article from The Sun claimed that Louis made “impulsive” plans to “put a ring” on it.  An insider commented, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a ring. He would love to be in the limelight.”

The upcoming season promises drama with the addition of a new cast member.  Traci Barber, wife of former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is joining the group.  It’s all about teasing the fans, as Melissa Gorga shared a cast photo at Missy G’s Pink Party.  This season is shaping up to be a dramatic one.


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