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Teresa Giudice’s Friends Are Reportedly “Worried” About Her Relationship With Luis Ruelas Moving Too Fast

Teresa Giudice, the Tom Brady of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, has gone through a lot during her 10+ years on the show. We’ve watched her daughters grow up (Milania [Giudice], Milannnnnnia I remember when you were first born). We’ve seen her lose her parents. She went “to camp” due to her legal issues with Joe Giudice. She dealt with Juicy getting deported, a divorce, and hopping into the dating scene after a 20-year marriage. And throughout she’s found time to battle it out with her brother Joe Gorga and Mrs. Sprinkle Cookies Melissa Gorga. Tre’s really had a lifetime of experiences on the show, and somehow it always feels like she’s still just getting started.

The last season of RHONJ brought Tre a new man to handle all of her pent-up horniness emotions. Luis Ruelas, as Tre puts it, is a gift from her parents in heaven. She considers Luis her “soulmate” and he’s planning on popping the question any day now. Luis got approval from not only Tre’s girls, but Juicy, her brother and even Dolores Catania. Dina Manzo doesn’t even have that coveted stamp of approval and she’s been friends with Teresa for decades.

But the news about Luis hasn’t been all love love love, aside from what Teresa’s said. His exes have come out of the woodwork to expose some shady and allegedly abusive behavior from his past. Kim DePaola is working overtime to do what she does best — spread gossip about Tre and those in her orbit. The pair did jump into their relationship quickly — purchasing real estate together after just a few months. And according to HollywoodLifesome of Tre’s friends are staying skeptical about the new man in her life as well.

A “source” told the outlet that they’re “worried” things are moving too fast between Tre and Luis. “Her friends have never seen her like this before. He’s very different than Joe,” the source says. Well considering Joe’s track record, that sounds like a good thing. “But some friends are worried that she’s so in love that she’s blinded by certain things like his past and working with him too soon,” the source said. I’m getting flashbacks to the Real Housewives of Atlanta season where everyone and their mother, aka Mama Joyce, called Todd Tucker an “opportunist” in his relationship with Kandi Burruss. While Todd has proven himself, Luis needs to put in the work to prove his loyalty.


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The source added that her friends want to see Teresa do her own thing for a while while she spends time really getting to know him. “He seems to treat her right but they are just very protective of her after all she’s been through,” they said. Is this source Pool Boy Tony Delorenzo? We know Tre tells him all of the juicy deets about her love life.

In the same breath of questioning the relationship, the “insider” gushes that Tre is head over heels in love. “Those two always have their hands on one another. They do everything together,” they said. “She brings him on work trips too and never wants to be away from him. She’s totally smitten. They’re like teenagers in high school. He’s very supportive and even helping her with her career.” Does that mean Luis is the new cameraman behind Tre’s Cameo videos and sponsored posts? Is he responsible for untangling all of her macrame outfits? Sounds to me like Gia Giudice is out of a job.


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