Kyle Richards Insists She’s Been A Good Friend To Sutton Stracke

Kyle Richards has an uncanny ability to insert herself where she’s not needed.  Under the guise of helping Sutton Stracke speak her truth to Erika Jayne, she served her friend up as an offering to the vindictive and vicious Erika.  Kyle sat back, as did the other ladies, while Sutton got the lion’s share of Lady Girardi’s wrath.  Off with her head and the like.

Of course, Sutton does talk behind Erika’s back.  She expressed her suspicions about Erika’s involvement in Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement on multiple occasions, and to multiple cast members.  Her one-on-one with Kyle got her into trouble as Kyle kept insisting Sutton “be honest” at sister Kathy Hilton’s dinner party.  It pushed the conversation into the red zone.  Interestingly, Dorit Kemsley and Kyle herself also had concerns, but no one is holding them accountable to their words.

Sutton’s frustration boiled over during a shopping trip with Kyle.  As she was whirling herself into another tizzy, Sutton air quoted “my friend” as she spoke to Kyle.  Well, now she has a life long problem, as Kyle will NEVER let this go.  Good luck Sutton!

Kyle appeared on the September 8th episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: After Show to share her reaction to the fight with Sutton.  She declared Sutton’s statement a lie, and despite Sutton’s feelings, Kyle insists she is a good friend.


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Kyle said, “Sutton by saying, ‘my friend,’ was to hurt me and get back at me.  But I know that I have been nothing but a good friend to Sutton. I know she’s just upset and lashing out but still, I don’t like that she’s saying that because I’ve been a really good friend to her, and I don’t like feeling like, ‘Oh, she’s just mad and upset, and she’s going to throw that at me,’ because it makes me feel unappreciated and nobody likes to feel like that.”

To her credit, Sutton quickly backtracked and apologized for the insinuation.  Reality Blurb reported that Kyle appreciated the gesture.

“I think she did owe me an apology for saying ‘my friend’ because that’s saying you’re not really my friend, and that’s a lie,” Kyle explained, “she didn’t mean it. She just said it, but still, I’m like, ‘Let’s chose your words a little better.”

Kyle admitted it was ill-advised to push honesty on Sutton.  Or Erika.  She called it a, “catch 22,” and said, “I kind of was a little frustrated with Sutton that she wasn’t speaking up more, but then when Erika had snapped at her that night, now I could see why she would be nervous to do that. Because yes, you need to be honest, but well, if someone’s going to act like that it’s going to make it a lot harder, to be honest.”


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Sutton had her own time on the After Show to reflect on the “tough conversation” with Kyle.  It all came down to her feelings of betrayal and the fact that Kyle did not speak up for her against Erika.

Sutton explained, “I did say to her, ‘You didn’t say a word.’ I think I was really, I was harboring some anger.”  That goes without saying, however she did accept that her “friend” diss was unacceptable.  She admitted, “I actually apologized really quickly about that because she has been a good friend to me, and I shouldn’t have said that.”

It seems this is all frivolous deflections from the real issue.  But until the truth is revealed in a court of law, Erika will be harbored by Lisa Rinna and questioned by the rest of the group.


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