Erika Jayne’s Mom Questions Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Stars For Not Paying Victims

Erika Jayne has yet to be proven anything in a court of law.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans and costars can speculate of have opinions, but according to the great American justice system, Erika is innocent until proven guilty.

Of course, you wouldn’t know it if you read RHOBH twitter pages and gossip sites.  The tide has turned against Erika for her seeming denial of what she has been accused of.  She poses in Louboutins while being accused of misappropriating $25 million dollars.  Erika gets vicious with fans that question her narrative.  She threatened Sutton Stracke on camera for the same reason.

So Erika’s attitude is clearly not getting her many supporters.  But there is one person she can count on above all else; her mother.  Renee Chahoy is known to be active on a Twitter account that was recently made private.  This was confirmed by the creators of Bravo Snark Side, an Instagram blogger page.  Renee often responds to fans in defense of her daughter, and even has things to say to Erika costars.

Sutton, Garcelle Beauvais, and Dorit Kemsley have questioned Erika’s knowledge of Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement.  And as her stories get more inconsistent, even the House-husbands like Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley have gotten in on the action.

After a photo of Sutton speaking up in a confessional for those victims waiting on settlement money was tweeted, Renee suggested that the RHOBH cast settle the debts.  The original post read, “why are Sutton and Garcelle and PK the only people who seem to care about the actual victims getting justice in this entire situations??”  According to an article from Radar Online, @rchacoy then responded, “they have money.  Why aren’t they volunteering to help the victims?”


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Renee also took offense to the “small town” comments that Erika and Sutton volleyed.  The two RHOBH cast members both hail from Augusta, Georgia and the Pretty Mess star mocked her rival for being concerned about her reputation in the midst of the Girardi financial scandal on a recent episode.  Sutton stirred the pot by sharing photos of her home town on social media and asking followers, “does this look ‘small town’ to you?”

“This is a well planned TV show and Erika is carrying it with her true life on the line,” Renee replied, “the nerve of Sutton to act like she is so important! Smell town!!!”

But it doesn’t end there.  In another post, Kyle Richards was the target for her inconsistent behavior.  Some may call it two-faced.  Of course, this isn’t new to RHOBH fans, but a behavior that Renee felt the need to comment on.

Kyle defended herself online for seemingly throwing Sutton under the bus. She insisted, “I was referring to things said ON camera that will come out anyway.  I don’t repeat things my friends share in private.”  Well, I’m not going to comment on the validity of that statement.  Renee threw some shade by sarcastically responding, “thank you for your friendship with Erika.”


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Erika was also accused by a follower for only being with Tom for financial gain, to which Renee questioned, “really?  Did you live with them?”

When a Bravo fan account posted, “you heard it here first: she’ll fight and fight those widows and orphans for every cent they’re entitled to,” Renee again defended her daughter.  She responded, “wrong!”

Of course, Renee will defend Erika.  She’s in mama bear mode and perhaps unable to see matters objectively.  Erika is also feeding Renee her side of the story.  The truth is likely somewhere in the middle ground, but that has yet to be determined.

Until then, Renee will be making comments such as the following.  In response to a post Erika made in July, Renee said, “why aren’t they looking into the firm and the employees?  You didn’t work there!  Plus go get the money out of all the cases the trustee is throwing to the vultures!  That is the Sham!!!!”


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