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Camille Grammer Implies That Erika Jayne Purposely Wore Non-Waterproof Mascara To Cry On Camera

I know times are tough around the million-plus dollar rental Erika Jayne is slumming in. That’s obvious from the Roger Rabbit shoulder pads confessional “lewk” being shoved down our throats. But really, what in the $5 Maybelline Great Lash is going on around here?!

In our latest stop on on the Embezzlement Express we see Erika actually trying to convince us there’s a difference between a gold-digger and a conspirator for fraud and money laundering. Not the connection I think she meant to make. That said, Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna seem keen to remain loyal to the no-fucks-to-give divorcee. At this point it seems the only Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast willing to speak out are those who have distanced themselves from the show altogether.

After Lisa Vanderpump made her feelings on Erika’s situation known, Camille Grammer seemed to gain some confidence in her opinions as well. Camille initially made a tweet commenting on the mess that is RHOBH right now. A fan followed the tweet up with some love for Camille. They said, “I wish you were there to yell “Shut it down!!” every time Erika started to cry.” After that, Camille was emboldened.

Camille responded to the follower saying, “We filmed in the Bahamas season 9 and we were all swimming in the water. I don’t remember seeing EJ’s mascara run after swimming underwater. Just saying.” We were all thinking it, weren’t we?! Drugstore mascara comes in waterproof too. Now we’ve said it! It wasn’t running in her confessional either!

The straggler EJ supporters came to their girl’s side to fill the void left by Mikey. One fan tweeted Camille back saying, “I disagree when I read that you felt Erika’s tears were fake. It may have been cheap mascara but girl, she’s got a whole lot to cry about and it has nothing to do with missing her husband #deepdoodoo” Camille followed that one up saying, “I believe she was crying. I agree. She’s upset. Going thought a divorce is awful experience no matter what.”


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Another fan of Erika’s questioned, “How do you know what she thinks or feels inside.. Just because she is not sprouting it publicly for the benefit of people like you does not make it so.” Camille replied to that saying, “True. I don’t know what she thinks.” Does anyone?

Maybe the tears were real. Erika has cried before. Who could forget the botox-tightening sob she let out while telling Eileen Davidson no one knows what she goes through at night? That one is seared in the minds of any RHOBH fan. Don’t remember any streaks with that one. Honestly, who doesn’t wipe a tear river from their cheek in any setting!? A monster, that’s who.

Camille’s call out was picked up and posted to Instagram. The account @commentsbybravo noted some follow up commentary made by good ol’ Lisa Rinna. When Rinna saw the Bahamas call out she commented, “Oh someone needs some attention ok sweetie…#YouAreStillAnAssholeOnTwitter.” Takes one to know one, maybe.


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