Vanderpump Rules Recap: Lala’s Palm Springs Punching Bags

This season of Vanderpump Rules is already on fire! The drama is coming in fast and furious. It’s been far too long without this hot mess of a group on our screens!

I hope things work out for Scheana Marie this time. Brock Davies seems like an alright guy on the surface. Hopefully he’s the one for her. She’s been through so much heartache and turmoil in her romantic past. I’m not sure if she can take another heartbreak, especially now that she’s a mother.

Watching Tom Schwartz get in a tizzy because of Brock’s physique is hilarious. This man is like Thor compared to the other men, so I’d be intimidated too.

Brock’s on the right side of history by admitting the new bar name is trash. Who wants to be a patron at an establishment called Schwartz & Sandy’s. Katie Maloney-Schwartz is NOT wrong for crapping all over that name. To make it worse, it seems like Schwartz never has his wife’s back.

Schwartz was the one who originally said the name of the bar was uninspired. Yet, he’s sitting there letting Tom Sandoval verbally assault his wife over that opinion. What a weak ass husband.

Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump meets with Ariana Madix which is a sign their relationship is still in a good place. After years in a somewhat weird place, they’ve found common ground with mental health. It’s something for them to chat about and relate to one another over.

Ariana sings the praises of Sandoval to Lisa, but she doesn’t know if she wants to be involved. Katie still wants her fingerprint all over the new business. Ariana’s backing off a bit, but Katie wants a far more proactive approach.

Lisa and I both agree that Ariana doesn’t understand the gravity of Tom using the house as collateral. She doesn’t appear to realize this could end up falling back on her if Tom defaults on the loan. I hate when we see these cast members go into these big businesses with no clue what they’re doing. I’d listen to Lisa who years far many more years and bars under her belt.

Ariana dishes to Lisa about the fallout between herself and Lala Kent at Scheana’s birthday. The weirdest part is Lala basically planning a fight with Charli Burnett. Out of nowhere at the dinner, she makes a comment about Charlie being a bitch that can take it. Is Lala for real? Does she have no class whatsoever? I don’t think she understands the concept of friendship.

James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules

James Kennedy stops by Sandoval’s place, and he says a proposal is imminent. He’s planning on popping the question to Raquel Leviss in Palm Springs. James is so close to having a genuine redemption arc. That girl is good for him, and he’s making the best decision with this.

They’ve settled on creating the perfect vibe for this moment. A Coachella rave tent theme for it is a solid idea. He’s still an asshole in a lot of regards, but he’s come a long way. Knowing he went the old fashioned way and asks Raquel’s father for her hand is huge. Getting her father’s blessing is proof he’s taking his life in a positive direction.

Lala’s book is taking off, and this is huge s**t. She’s doing whatever she can to put herself on the New York Times bestseller list. Getting on that list is something almost ever writer works their ass off to obtain. Doing so would be the ultimate culmination of everything she’s worked toward.

Lala tells Randall Emmett about the restraint she showed at Scheana’s dinner. She decided not to drown Ariana at the party, so I guess we should be thankful. Having a child has “changed” her. It’s currently unclear whether or not it’s for the best or the worst. Time will tell.

Tom Sandoval Vanderpump Rules

At Villa Rose, Sandoval spills the beans about James proposing to Raquel in Palm Springs. She’s happy for them, but she believes Raquel deserves the best. James has a sorted history with just about everyone on this show. They (along with viewers) have seen him at his lowest points. It’s hard to think Raquel’s getting the future she deserves.

The Toms tell Lisa about the fight with Katie at Scheana’s dinner. The name is rough. It’s gross. Lisa’s another person who thinks the name is a horrible idea. I wouldn’t want to be her or Schwartz in this moment. Sandoval’s being a petulant child about this, and there’s no way he’d listen to reason.

Schwartz can’t even speak his mind because of Tom’s childlike attitude. He’s stuck in business with someone who believes his ideas will always be superior. What’re you supposed to do with that? It’s impossible because Sandoval acts like his word is gospel!

Charli’s hoping she can relax on the trip to Palm Springs. Does she know who she’s attending it with? I’d imagine in about two minutes into it, Lala will be in her face. That’s what she should expect for the trip.

Schwartz wants Katie to kiss and make up with Sandoval. He’s not in an easy position because he’s caught between his best friend and wife. However, eventually he should take a stand and stop leaving his wife in the lurch. If only!

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Katie’s already on the verge of complaining about the rooming assignment on the trip. Do people on these shows got possessed when they go on vacation? I swear all rationale goes out the window when it’s time for the all cast trip. It’s pure madness.

Lala gets a call from her editor about the status of the New York Time’s bestseller list. She did NOT make the list. I never want to kick someone while they’re down, but this might knock her down a peg. Lala should still be proud of the success she had with this book. Her ego’s hurt, but maybe that’s not a horrible thing. Being humbled isn’t terrible.

Charli’s in beauty school, and for some reason she took her doll thing to Palm Springs. Raquel’s right when she says she hopes the mannequin doesn’t reflect Charli’s skill set. It was rough. I hope she’s better than the doll showed.

It sounds like they have a full lineup of fun events set for the trip. Every night is something fun for them to let loose and enjoy. It’ll be that way until Lala shows up and brings the vibe down.

Charli’s gearing up for a fight with Lala because of what was said at the dinner. Lala set all of this in motion, so whatever happens next is on her. She’s had a bully mentality for years in this group. We need someone to knock her off her pedestal, and shut her down.

Charli Burnett Vanderpump Rules

How great is it to see James in a good place with both Lala & Randall? After the wars they had for so many seasons, this is fabulous to witness. It would be nice to see it last for the rest of the season!

The fashion show was cute and all, but most of them looked ridiculous. Sandoval takes everything far too serious, but it’s so fun to watch. The annoying part is Sandoval setting up the entire thing to make himself the winner. Everyone’s putting effort into it, but he needs all of the spotlight. Why is he the biggest attention whore of the group besides Lala?

Lala confesses to Katie that she doesn’t know how she feels about being there. She can’t wrap her mind around why Ariana would be so upset over something so trivial. They were both sort of in the wrong, but it wouldn’t have happened if Lala didn’t make disparaging comments.

It’s embarrassing to watch Schwartz have no clue what the concept of the bar is. He has no confidence in the business he’s slapping his name onto. People are asking questions about what’s going on, but he’s in la la land with no clue.

James‘ status is in limbo when it comes to DJing at Lisa’s bars. His behavior once again landed him in hot water. Everyone’s trying to reassure him it’ll be alright, but we’ve seen this song and dance.

Lala doesn’t like the double standard of people forgiving James but not her. She says Ariana & Charli’s actions at the birthday party were disgusting. Charli doesn’t care because she feels entitled to her own opinions. Charli doesn’t seem like the one. She seems like the type to finally be the one to put Lala in her place. FINALLY.

Charli admits the reason she doesn’t eat pasta is because she’s always had issues with food. Two seconds into this fight with Lala, she’s completely breaking down. She was forced to eat certain foods growing up by her family. Clearly there’s a lot of trauma with this.

Lala tries to make up with Charli in the house, but it might be too soon. Maybe Charli’s not up to the task of fighting with Lala. She crumbled far too quickly.


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