Lala Kent Explains Why She Removed Instagram Photo After Ariana Madix Called Her Out

Can anybody hear me out there? Am I the only one who got sucked into the content-blackhole that is Vanderpump Rules? I just couldn’t help myself! The season nine premier rolled around, a friend supplied pasta salad, Taco Bell, and copious amounts of ranch for the occasion, and here I am! After taking last season off to save myself the emotional tumult, I have come crawling back. How could I resist such an offering?! Not to mention the fact that we can’t, as a reality community, just allow Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder to think their removal from the show could hurt ratings! Never!

So anyways, episode one of the season was certainly contrived, but not without hilarity. Is the show natural? No. Is it ridiculous that these people think they’re pulling it off? 100% yes. James Kennedy’s ability to garner any sympathy at this point is bordering on high art. He really just made his best friend have his mommy fire him while already being fired. Chefs kiss. We were then provided plenty of the classic Tom Sandoval vs. Katie Maloney-Schwartz head butting. And last, but not least, Ariana Madix was putting Lala Kent in her place while having the most fun and remaining the least bothered out of them all. It’s great to be here.

If you’ve been following the VPR news cycle, you may have already sensed trouble in paradise between Ariana and Laler. It all started on Instagram. Lala blocked Ari saying she “doesn’t give a f***.” Okay then. Lala lashing out on Instagram is hardly news, but I guess that’s been the big story for her during filming. That is, aside from having a baby, which, meh. No shade. I’m just here for a trashy good time. Apparently Lala’s evolved from nomming drive-thru cookie and sticking toothbrushes where the sun doesn’t shine.

To my surprise, though, the drama between Ariana and Lala may just be getting started. On premier night Lala posted a picture of herself with the since fired Witches of Weho including Stassi and Kristen Doute. You know, the women who tried to get Lala punted off the show on sight. Lala captioned her photo “I had to.” Um. Did she though?


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Ariana commented on the premier night post. She said, “I love you ALL but I guess I’m just confused what this post is supposed to be giving on the night of our PREMIERE. Are you living in the past or are you ready for the future of the show?” I think we all know the answer!

After taking down the photo (which I happen to think was due to a request from producers/Bravo to distance themselves from a problematic past), Lala engaged in a Q&A on Insta. Someone asked her “Why did you take down the photo of the Fab Four!?” Lala and her brows snapped back, “Someone got affected.”

When a fan account posted the exchange you know James didn’t miss a beat. He referred to the all-black garb the former Survers were wearing in Lala’s pic and said, “Dressed in black for a reason THEY GONE.” Where’s the lie though?

It’s looking like the drama between Ariana and Lala is only going to progress as season nine continues. It will be interesting to see what connections Lala is able to make stick. Meanwhile, I’m guessing Ariana will just keep it pushing as only she seems able to do.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]