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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Going Bankrupt In The Poker Game Of Life

After missing boys night, Randall Emmett is inviting all of the guys to a new poker game on an all new Vanderpump Rules. His invite list includes Brock Davies who’s in the middle of feuding with Lala Kent. I don’t think Lala has the best of intentions in all of this though. She wants to create a moment for reality television. I don’t buy for one second she actually cares about Scheana Marie’s relationship working out.

Katie Maloney wants to know why everyone’s shrugging off Brock’s domestic violence charges. It’s definitely a red flag. James Kennedy makes a comment that obviously Brock was younger than her is now when he had them. OBVIOUSLY.

Scheana admits her track record in relationships doesn’t help her current situation. We’ve seen her go through many relationships that were “forever” during the run of this show. This isn’t a new song and dance.

Scheana’s trying to give the world an unedited version of her life in new vlogs. However, to me this seems like a cheap way to control the narrative. If it were unedited, it would include the reality of Brock’s situation with his kids.

Scheana says Brock has some explaining to do because of how Lala brought everything up. This was uncomfortable because it was all said in front of Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa’s someone that everyone in the group goes out of their way to impress, and this did the opposite. Lisa hardly knows Brock, but what she does know isn’t good.

Tom Sandoval Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz meet with their new business partner. They going with him because they’re getting more creative control than they’ll ever get with Lisa. Is that a good move though? The name of the bar is atrocious. The ideas they have are terrible. Ugh.

Whether the Toms want to admit it or not, they might need Lisa. They have no clue what they’re doing. They’re spitting off too many ideas, and they need help honing it in. Not only that, but Schwartz can’t even say the name of the bar. He knows it’s horrible, but he can’t help himself from being Sandoval’s bitch.

Their business partner isn’t a fan of the name either. It’s quite misleading because it makes customers feel like it’s a bizarre sandwich shop. I understand Sandoval has a vision in his head, but this one is a dud. With a name like this, they’re asking to go out of business in the first year. They aren’t going to turn a profit on their names alone.

Ken Todd Vanderpump Rules

Raquel Leviss opens up about her insecurities with her nose, but her doctor gave her exercises to make it better. Fourteen times a day seems a bit excessive, but if it makes her feel better about herself, that’s all that matters.

Max Todd evidently accepted James‘ apology, and they’re back in a good place. They’ve been friends for ages, so it’s good to see them patch things up. The real issue here is the level of anger James has even when sober. Raquel pitches James going to AA, but he wants no part in that. He’s “California sober” and continues to still use marijuana. Whatever he’s doing is still a lot better than he used to.

Raquel suggests James continue boxing to work through a lot of his issues. Even though he’s sober, that doesn’t automatically remove the addict tendencies he developed over the years. He still has a lot of work to do to fix a lot of those issues.

Ken Todd expresses concern for the amount of money the Toms are putting toward their two bars. They have a lot at stake with this, and they could lose everything. Lisa’s looking out for these guys, but Sandoval’s making it difficult. He’s in over his head, but he’s never going to see that. His vision is his vision. Nothing’s going to change that.

Lisa’s worried because they’re not getting a real answer out of the Toms about this business. Any time she tries to get something out of them, the topic gets shifted. If they don’t want the help, fine. However, it seems like an ill advised move to go forward without Ken & Lisa’s input. These two have helped make them into the businessmen they think they are today. Let’s not let our egos get in the way.

Raquel Leviss Vanderpump Rules

Lala & Ariana Madix are going to be in the same space since their last fight. They seemingly moved forward, but STILL. There’s a good chance it’s going to be awkward. With the drama between Lala & Scheana linger beneath the surface, anything can happen. People are going to have strong opinions about Brock and the situation with his kids. It’s a touchy subject for everyone.

James is open to Raquel’s idea to do the boxing. Whatever’s going to work to make him a less angry person, he’s going to do. If anything though, boxing is making him more angry. He wants no part in this. He wants to become less reactive and hurtful, and Raquel wants the same.

Raquel’s afraid of how James will be as a father if he’s still angry like this. She’s afraid he will do something to attack the self confidence of their future children. It’s quite heartbreaking to hear her open up about those fears.

In other news, Raquel’s going in to get more work possibly done on her nose. I understand why because you can sort of tell by looking, but she’s still a gorgeous woman. James is doing everything in his power to make her understand that because it’s true. She’s as radiant as ever. I wish she could feel the way about herself that everyone else does when being around her or looking at her. She’s the sweetest.

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

Katie & Schwartz stop by Villa Rosa to get pedicures with Lisa. It’ll be Lisa’s first one in over a year, so you know it’s going to be good. This is the good life. Everything about Lisa’s life feels like something out of a fairy tale. Magical!

Tom Tom’s been closed for a long time, so they need a reinvention for the reopening. A new signature cocktail could be the driving force to bring back customers. With a new drink and a streamlined menu, they’re well on their way to being back on top.

Lisa offers to buy out the Toms to stop them from using the home equity. It’s killing her to see them put their house up as security in this. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to save them from a potential dangerous situation. Good for her. I wasn’t a huge fan of hers on that other show, but I’ve always enjoyed Lisa in this role. Being the mother figure of sorts in this group is a position where she’s always thrived.

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Things are so far so good between Lala & Ariana. It’s too early to tell if an actual friendship is going to develop. However, they’re in a much better place than they were at the beginning of the season.

OKAY BUT JESSE METCALFE BEING AT THE POKER NIGHT IS INCREDIBLE. I’m such a huge fan of his, so to see him on this show is an iconic pop culture moment for me. GIVE ME MORE.

The girls night looks so boring in comparison to the poker night. However, the topic of Brock’s situation with his kids is coming up, so things are going to heat up. Nobody’s going to see eye-to-eye on this one.

Raquel pulls Scheana to the side to fill her in on the gossip by Katie & Lala. Scheana doesn’t think Lala’s genuinely concerned at all. I’m actually inclined to agree with Scheana on this one. However, Scheana needs to stop being so naive. I know she thinks she found the one, but there are so many red flags.

Did Charli Burnett get written out of the show as a main cast member? I’m confused because she’s present in this scene, but we’re not hearing her say anything. Did production say fuck this girl and get rid of everything? I have a lot of questions.

Scheana’s attempt to confront Lala goes awry because it doesn’t make sense to be surprised by Lala’s questions. I think Lala’s as fake as they came, and nothing about her concern is genuine. No chance in hell. However, SCHEANA COME ON. Listen to what people are saying. Ask more questions.

Brock Davies Vanderpump Rules

At Lisa’s, Brock makes a public declaration to her about his life issues. He admits to slapping his ex in the past. There you have it, folks.

If the restraining order was lifted, why can’t Brock see his children? It turns out he technically can. He’s acting like a martyr here. Lisa’s highly concerned about what she’s listening from Brock. I’m right there with you Lisa. This guy is red flag central, and things are going to end horribly for Scheana.

Lisa chooses to go with Schwartz’s drink over Sandoval’s. There’s going to be hell to pay over that. There’s no way his fragile ego can handle that.

Everything’s going great at the dinner until Lala voices her “concern” about Scheana and her family. Sandoval tries to say something and ends up telling Lisa to “give him a fucking second”. Holy shit. Did he just speak like that to Lisa?

Sandoval finds Lala to be the aggressor in almost every situation. He tries to bring up Randall to her at the table, but she loses her mind. The second he attempts to make a comparison, she snaps at everyone. To diffuse the battle, Lala says she and Scheana don’t mesh well as friends, and that’s where we end.

Lisa runs after Lala to comfort her because she walked away crying. She feels held to a torch by everyone in the group besides Katie. She claims she’s not the villain they’re all trying to make her out to be. Perhaps if she didn’t stick her nose in Scheana’s business, this wouldn’t be happening. Lesson learned?


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