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Jen Shah’s Motion To Dismiss Fraud Case Is Denied; Judge Says There’s “No Evidence” Proving That Hulu Documentary Compromised Her Right To Fair Trial

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has officially become the Jen Shah show. Season 2 of the series has finally shown the footage of Jen’s shocking arrest as she’s facing federal fraud charges for allegedly orchestrating a long-running telemarketing scheme alongside her No. 1 minion assistant Stuart Smith. Jen is facing years in prison but is acting as though it’s all just for TV, Erika Jayne style. She believes she’s being singled out because she’s a celebrity. But you can’t ignore some of the facts that prove her lifestyle of the rich and famous was nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

Now, RHOSLC is airing the aftermath of Jen’s arrest. She’s on a redemption tour, trying to convince viewers that this is all a misunderstanding. Jen is also condemning (or, more accurately, lashing out at) any co-stars who aren’t blindly loyal to her. But in real-time, Stu Chains has changed his plea to guilty and might end up flipping on his sidekick. Jen has been working overtime to get her case dismissed. And after Hulu aired a documentary about her unsavory business, Jen believed it was enough evidence to prohibit her from having a fair trial. It was a Hail Mary attempt for her to avoid having to face a jury in another courtroom chic outfit.


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Page Six reports that a judge has denied Jen’s motion for dismissal. The judge states that dismissal is usually an “extreme sanction” for a very “rare case,” which apparently Jen’s does not classify as. The judge found that there was “no evidence whatsoever” that Hulu’s The Housewife and the Shah Shocker compromised Jen’s right to a fair trial. Looks like we’ll all be tuning into Jen’s hearing in March like the good little Bravo law students we are.

Considering the longevity and expansiveness of the fraud accusations, it’s likely going to be a long ride for Miss Shah as she fights for her innocence. However, when the feds are involved, it’s not going to be an easy battle whatsoever for Jen. Even if she gets Kim Kardashian to (somehow) join her legal time. At this point, she’s got a better chance of getting Craig Conover, Shane Simpson and Phaedra Parks by her side in the courtroom. And even that is a long shot.


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