Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Jen Shah

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah Forced Out Of Rental Home Prior To Fraud Trial

In March of this year, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah was on the receiving end of some new bracelets. These shiny, fitted, steel cuffs featured an automatic locking device and an exhausted Federal agent. As the Bravo gods silently thanked their lucky stars for choosing yet another criminal to make famous, Jen’s theatrical arrest went down after a brief manhunt and cameras were up filming Season 2.

Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. They allegedly ran a sketchy telemarketing biz and reportedly stole money from vulnerable clientele. Because greed and lack of shame are a thing, Jen continues to film RHOSLC’s sophomore run. It’s a good thing Jenny from the Cell Block craves attention, because she’s gonna get it. Now we’ve learned, not only will Jen’s crimes unfold on camera, so will her Zillow results.

Since some of Bravo’s production companies are living for shady editing, is it too much to ask for the Law & Order sound effect to play at the start of every RHOSLC episode? After a brief spurt of stupid fame-whore behavior, it looks like Jen might be calming down a tad. If she has one working brain cell, Jen will watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like a damn hawk so Erika Jayne can teach her what not to do.

A trial is looming over Jen’s head and she is looking at roughly 30 years in the slammer if convicted. At this point Jen might want to look into the art of license plate design and develop a taste for blast-chilled dishes. The fallout continues from her misadventures with Stu Chainz, and while Jen might have a new place to live soon, her family does not. According to The Daily Mail, Jen and company are without a physical address.


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Jen’s crib, formerly known as the “Shah Ski Chalet” was initially thought to be owned by Jen and her husband. It was soon revealed the house was… a rental, which roughly translates to carrying a Coach bag in the Housewives universe. I kind of feel like Jen possibly believes it’s more embarrassing to have a rental home than a mug shot. A Texas-based real estate rental company has owned the $4 million house since 2014 and it officially went on the market this week.

Currently there is an offer (Mary Cosby, this you?) pending, so Jen and her family must vacate immediately. Jenny from the Cell Block might be trading in her hot tub and scenic views for a conveniently placed toilet right beside her bunk bed, but her family is being punished as well. Unfortunately, most people who fall under the spell of crime do not necessarily have anyone’s best interests in mind but their own.


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As Jen prepares to battle in court, she will also be looking for a home. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will encourage Mary to offer one of her 86 empty and non-rented residences to house the Shah’s as an act of kindness and pity. Maybe Jen should have refrained from making grandpa-fucker comments in hindsight, huh? Stay tuned for more misadventures as Jenny finds a new block to live on.


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