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Raquel Leviss Gives James Kennedy Credit For Helping Her Feel Comfortable With Public Speaking

I don’t know about you, but I was gleefully counting down the minutes until the Vanderpump Rules season finale. I was desperate to find out whether or not Scheana Shay and Brock Davies were going to tie the knot in a deliberate attempt to take the attention away from Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy‘s engagement party. (Which, let’s face it, means they succeeded regardless of whatever happened). And considering only one of these two couples is still engaged? Well, that says it all.

That was the reason I started watching. But the moment that actually got my attention, was between the affianced couple themselves. No, I’m not talking about when James and Raquel awkwardly sipped tea with Lisa Vanderpump whilst still wearing horseback riding helmets. Although that was a whole new level of forced conversation.  What I am talking about, is the speech (toast? James manifesto?) heard round the world.

If you haven’t been following along this season, let me provide you with a little backstory on one of VPR‘s lesser storylines. It seems that Raquel has a longstanding aversion to public speaking. Or at least we are led to believe this is the case. Who knows with this group.

This first came out during a truth or dare jenga game played by the gang, where Raquel just happened to pull the “make a toast” block. Sure Jan. Total Accident. Then, always one to capitalize on another’s weakness, Lala Kent just happened to challenge Raquel to a pickle ball game. Where the loser had to, you guessed it. Give a toast…

This all culminated at the engagement party from hell, where for some reason, James and Raquel weren’t giving a toast together. Nope. Instead, Raquel stood on a balcony and in a very Cyrano de Bergerac moment, James stood hidden behind her and fed her lines.

The question on everyone’s minds was, was James simply being helpful and reading Raquel‘s notes too her lest she forget? Or, was he literally dictating what he wanted her to say. Considering the entire speech was a testimony to the wonderfulness that is James, and how much joy he brought to their relationship, it’s not hard to see why people would wonder. Even Scheana commented, “Is James telling her what to say? Literally. We see.”


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Raquel took to her Instagram, in an attempt to clear up the confusion.

“If you really knew me, you would know that public speaking is my biggest fear. I put myself in uncomfortable positions so I can challenge myself and become a better speaker. You’ll see me give a toast on tonight’s episode, which I was so terrified to do I had major writer’s block the week leading up to the party.” I totally believe this, as we did see her working with a speech coach.

However, I’m gonna need some clarification about the next part. “James helped me come up with something nice to say and we wrote it down on my phone. But then, when it was time to give my speech, I was in a dilemma because between the microphone and the wine glass… I didn’t have an extra hand to read my notes.” So, James helped her come up with things to say, and those things just happened to be all about how great he is? Naturally.

Raquel doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will though, and definitely gives James credit for getting her through the evening. “It might have seemed funny but James was there to support me and help me through my speech. I’m tearing up writing this because although we are not together anymore, I really could count on him for moral support during challenging times like this one.” I’m torn as to what to think.


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Since filming stopped, we’ve now learned that James and Raquel have broken up. Raquel hasn’t been shy about sharing the details, so it’s curious as to why she feels the need to have his back in this moment. As for more details? I guess we don’t have much longer until the reunion, where we will see this break up happen in real time.


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