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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Trailer: Raquel Leviss Gives James Kennedy Back Her Engagement Ring; Lisa Vanderpump Shades Lala Kent’s Relationship With Randall Emmett After Lala Breaks Down Over Split

Another season of Vanderpump Rules is in the books, and I’m feeling conflicted about the whole thing. This season was bound to be different, OG firings aside. Most of the cast doesn’t even work for Lisa Vanderpump now that they’ve been able to coast through life as C-List celebrities. Lala Kent and Scheana Shay came into the season as new mamas, but the title didn’t stop them from going toes and making questionable decisions. Now that Season 9 is coming to a close, we have an equally confusing reunion to look forward to. Yay, I guess?

E! News released the trailer ahead of the Pump Rules reunion that’s bound to pack in more drama than the entire season combined. Lala is coming into the reunion HOT from her split with the dirty dog Randall Emmett. In case you somehow haven’t heard, Rand is a cheater. Lauren from Utah is scorching the face of the earth to rid it of all things Randall. It looks like she told everyone, including VPR producers, to pick a side in the breakup because Rand is nowhere to be seen at the reunion. His name, however, will undoubtedly be a good drinking game, though.


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Lala doesn’t hold back at the reunion when she brings up “Randall Emmett creeping around.” James Kennedy also seemed to enjoy exposing the sex rumors about Randall that he’s been hearing. Lala broke down crying over Randall’s lies and deceit, especially because the two just had a baby together. It’s pretty heartbreaking, but Lala also seems to be moving on just fine as an independent woman now that she’s taken out the trash.

But Brock Davies, ScheSchu’s deadbeat baby daddy, couldn’t resist giving Lala a taste of her own medicine after her torment all season. “Because you’re too busy flying around private jets and hanging around with Machine Gun Kelly,” Brock quipped. He also shaded Lala for questioning him about his finances, considering he doesn’t “have a sugar daddy” like her. Scheana, come get your man.

We all know Lisa Vanderpump loves a subtle dig more than anyone. But when it came to Lala’s split, she shockingly had little sympathy. “Sometimes, the way you get them is the way you lose them,” she said of Lala’s relationship. It sounds like Lisa believes the tea that Randall got with Lala while he wasn’t a single man. LVP, you dirty dog. Is she wrong? Probably not. But is Lala pissed? I’d bet money on it.

The trailer also shows the dramatic split of Raquel Leviss from DJ James Kennedy. Raquel literally gives James the ring back ON CAMERA to the surprise of everyone in the room. “I’ve been having nightmares about our wedding day,” Raquel said. Girl, at least you got out before walking down the aisle. Raquel is moving on from her James chapter and honestly, it’s probably the best thing for her. He was a tornado of chaos all season, and he didn’t even have any booze.


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James continued with his pattern of lashing out with no remorse at the reunion. At one point, he even sighs in response to a question from Andy Cohen, and Daddy Andy gives him a stern talking to. “Don’t grimace at me telling you things that you’ve said,” Andy said. Sounds like literally everyone and their mother is sick of James’ schtick. Except for Lala, who might be looking to rekindle her flame with SUR’s hottest DJ. God, what a train wreck that would be.

The trailer also shows a few other heated moments. It looks like Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney’s sandwich shop isn’t doing so well because there’s trouble in paradise in that relationship. Scheana also fights with my new favorite SURver Charli Burnett, who throws digs at Scheana’s love for attention. We can’t forget the Tom Sandoval of it all, as he continues to cry “poor me” and compete with Katie to be the No. 1 guy in Tom Schwartz’s life. Oy vey.

Check out the Vanderpump Rules reunion trailer below.


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