Is James Kennedy In A New Relationship Two Months After Split From Raquel Leviss?; He Was Spotted Holding Hands With A Mystery Woman

Prior to the current season of Vanderpump Rules, I was rooting for James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss. James has been on a sobriety journey and they seemed to be the most stable couple out of the group of (former) SURvers. However, how wrong I quickly was. But can you blame me? Bravo literally based the entirety of Season 9 on their engagement (partially funded by Tom Sandoval). However, as we saw during this week’s reunion, that quickly ended. James and Raquel broke up and she gave the ring back right next to Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump. It was more dramatic than all of Season 9.

I was far from the only one shocked — the Pump Rules stars had no idea about the split until they showed up on reunion day. Breakups are to VPR 2022 as pregnancies were in 2020, especially since Lala Kent and Randall Emmett also split up. Shockingly, James and Raquel’s split was light years more mature than Lala and Rand’s, with the cheating allegations and public displays of revenge.

Since Lala and James have been single, the VPR fans have been having fun imagining Lala and James reuniting romantically. They’re both sober now and out of long-term relationships, so never say never. But they might be too chaotic of a match — the universe might explode. James says never say never, which had Raquel shook. However, as of now, Raquel hasn’t asked her fellow Pumpers to pick a side in the breakup. But that might change after James’ latest Instagram stunt.


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E! News reports that DJ James Kennedy might already have a new boo. He posted a video on his Instagram stories that showed him wandering through an art exhibit. In one quick shot, you can see him holding hands with a brunette woman whose identity is TBD. “She’s someone new he’s been casually seeing,” an “insider” told E! (probably Brock Davies attempting to seek revenge).

It’s only been two months since James went through the split, so hopefully, he is just keeping things casual with other potential partners. It seems like it would take one slip for him to fall off the wagon, and I’d hate to see that. I want the best for DJ James and Raquel, so hopefully, they don’t follow in the footsteps of Lala and Randall. The VPR universe can only take one truly toxic couple. 


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]