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Tamra Judge Says Dr. Jen Armstrong’s Marriage To Ryne Holliday Is “Doomed”

Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Dr. Jen Armstrong seems to be dealing with a lot of off-screen drama. The doctor is juggling several lawsuits, including ones from patients and her ex-husband. The RHOC star is also suing an ex-employee for defamation.

Jen has been squabbling with her co-star, Noella Bergener. But the trouble in Jen’s marriage to the perpetually shirtless Ryne Holliday has taken center stage. Let’s set aside the fact that no one knows how to pronounce his name. (Is it Ryan? Or Rind?) Ryne is a stay-at-home husband and father, while Jen works to support their family.


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Heather Dubrow invited the couple over for a dinner party to model good marital relationships for the struggling duo. After all, Heather and her hubby of 25 years, Terry Dubrow, have a new show on E! titled the 7 Year Stitch. Terry and Heather will “take [their] expertise to help one couple mend their own relationship.” What interesting timing.

At the dinner, Jen drank a vat of wine, slurred her words, and talked over her husband. Ryne tucked his napkin in his shirt before eating, and then left the table in favor of playing on his phone. It was a dumpster fire. Heather insisted that production made the night look “shitty.” Sure, Heather.

During a recent episode of RHOC, Jen scheduled a visit with a marriage counselor at her home. She met with the counselor without Ryne. Jen wants to do whatever it takes to save her marriage and wondered if she was “putting out the kindness” in her marriage.


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Jen revealed that she and Ryne separated for a month after filming ended. “We separated for a while and lived life without each other,” she explained. “And I think that made us have more of an appreciation for who the other person was and have a different outlook on getting back together and putting in the work to stay together.”

Well, one RHOC alum has a hot take on Jen and Ryne’s marriage. According to heavy, Tamra Judge and her co-host, Teddi Mellencamp, dissected Jen’s marital woes on their podcast, Two Ts In A Pod.

During Season 5 of RHOC, Tamra proclaimed that she wanted a divorce from her husband, Simon Barney, while riding in a limo. Iconic.

“Take a page out of my rule book, my playbook I should say, when your marriage is that bad get into the back of the limo and say, ‘I want a divorce!’ Because they are doomed,” Tamra stated. “I’m sorry, they are doomed.” Isn’t Tamra a ray of sunshine?


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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi commented about Jen showing kindness to Ryne. Teddi remarked, “This is the part that I didn’t understand. She kept saying ‘I feel like, I’m showing kindness’ and I’m like you’re constantly riding that guy’s a**.”

Tamra shared the same view as her co-host and called out the CEO of Advanced Skincare Dermatology and Plastic Surgery for “b****ing at him all the time.” Wow.

“First of all, let me just tell you, I really feel like it’s a toss-up does Ryne, Ryan whatever his name is, not want to film or is he really not loving his wife,” Tamra said. Yikes!

After a messy divorce, Tamra and her ex-husband Simon are on good terms. Let’s hope that Jen and Rhyne can continue to work on their marriage and that they don’t become another RHOC divorce statistic.


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