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Leah McSweeney Defends Herself For Sharing That She Was Julia Fox’s AA Sponsor

Leah McSweeney had a rough time last season on Real Housewives of New York. After being sober for years, Leah relapsed during her first season on the show, and gave RHONY fans many unforgettable drunken moments. She tossed a group of tiki torches like spears, and she tossed some ravioli at co-star Ramona Singer.

Leah’s sophomore season, she decided not to drink. Her beloved grandmother passed away during filming for Season 13. Leah admitted that it was difficult to watch the show and relive those painful moments. Leah was honest and vulnerable about struggling with her mental health during the filming delays.

Leah faced a tremendous amount of backlash for that season. Andy Cohen announced that RHONY was getting a reboot, and also a second series featuring former Housewives. No word on whether Leah is being considered for either series, but someone that she knows really well may be in the running.

Model and actress Julia Fox is possibly being discussed as a cast member, and she goes way back with Leah. Leah shared on The Morning Toast podcast that she was actually Julia’s AA sponsor. “I was her sponsor in AA years ago, and we just stayed friends,” Leah explained, adding that they have been friends for over a decade.

In November of 2021, Julia and Leah discussed their relationship on of Julia’s podcast, Forbidden Fruits. “Leah was my sponsor in AA. We were both so sick and suffering,” Julia stated. Leah agreed with Julia’s assessment. “I have the coolest sponsees though. I mean, I really was in no shape to help anybody,” Leah admitted.

Julia still utilizes the advice that Leah gave her. “You told me something that I still think all the time: ‘Tire the body and the mind will follow.’ If I’m feeling depressed or stressed, I’m just like, ‘Let’s get busy,’” Julia remarked. “I’ll work out and whatever, and I always think about that.” Leah was told that piece of advice from her own sponsor.

Julia has struggled with addiction to both pills and heroin, and nearly died from an overdose at the age of 17. Leah was sober for 10 years before she started filming RHONY. Since she stopped drinking again, she is coming up on two years of sobriety. Good for you, Leah! I’ve always been a Leah fan.

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Leah was criticized for revealing that she was Julia’s sponsor, since AA is supposed to be based on anonymity. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked Leah a question from a fan. “Why did you mention that you were Julia Fox’s sponsor when it’s supposed to be anonymous?” Andy asked.

“I’m so glad I can clear this up. Actually, I was on her podcast first and she’s the one who said, ‘Leah, can I tell everyone how I know you?’” Leah explained. “I said ‘Yes.’ I was just repeating the story,” she added.

Of course, Julia’s fame has gone next-level thanks to her brief romance with rapper Kanye West. Kanye hired photographers to document their dates in Miami and New York City. As one does.

But Kayne was still trying to win back his estranged wife, Kim KardashianKanye and Julia split up in February of 2022, after first meeting on New Year’s Eve.


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