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Kenya Moore Thinks She Would Win Shade Contest Against Bethenny Frankel

You can’t have Real Housewives without having shade. It’s something that just goes hand in hand. And some housewives bring it much better than others. Naturally, fans who love discussing housewives have their opinions on who is the best of the best. As witnessed by a recent social media debate asking fans, who would win in a shade contest – Kenya Moore or Bethenny Frankel?

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kenya was asked about it by host Andy Cohen. Andy inquired, “By the way, there was speculation online the other day about who would beat who in a shade contest, you or Bethenny Frankel?” The Real Housewives of Atlanta star wasted no time with her answer. Kenya laughed, “Shady? I say, for sure, me.” Andy responded, “Alright, well, there you go. We’ve settled that.” So far, Bethenny, whose shade spanned 8 seasons on Real Housewives of New York, has yet to respond.

The original tweet was posted by a fan on May 8th. It featured a picture of both Bethenny and Kenya, stitched side by side. The tweet read, “They get into a verbal fight. Who’s clearing? #RHONY #RHOA.” Fans jumped into the comments to weigh in. One wrote, “The way Kenya would devour that poor woman into a psychotic break.” A clear Bethenny fan stated, “B’s bank account.” Another commented, “This has to be a joke. Bethenny cries when she knows she’s losing an argument lol.” That particular response garnered 196 likes. Someone else commented, “Kenya hands down. However they are both quick with their jabs, so it’ll be a long fight.” The responses on the thread overwhelmingly picked Kenya. So should we look at some of Bethenny and Kenya’s moments of shade?

Bethenny once said of castmate Kelly Bensimon, “I don’t think Kelly is a moron. I don’t think she’s quick.” When being invited to a tea party at 3:30 in the afternoon, Bethenny commented, “The whole crusty vagina crowd is up here at 3 o’clock in the afternoon dressed in pastels and florals.” And finally, the ultimate, when Bethenny told a jealous Jill Zarin that she had to get a hobby.

Onto Kenya. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. When former castmate Kim Zolciak tried to come for Kenya at a white party, Kenya clapped back quick. Referring to a recent tweet made by Kim, Kenya countered, “Worry about your life and the daughter that you pimp out for John Legend tickets.” She called Sheree Whitfield’s never ending home build, “Chateau She Can’t Pay.” Finally, my all time favorite. When Kenya brought a whole ass marching band to interrupt enemy Marlo Hampton’s wig line debut. The band, along with Kenya, chanted, “Kenya! Moore! Hair! Care!” Truly, a shade to end all shades.

I think it’s clear that most of these examples aren’t really even shade. They are just flat out reads. And Bethenny’s style is more direct, while Kenya’s is more creative. Either way, they both deserve a well-earned spot in Housewives shade history.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]