Stassi Schroeder Returned The Money That Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor Sent For Her Wedding

Is it just me or has Stassi Schroeder not changed one bit? The fired Vanderpump Rules star was always terrible to her friends. But after being publicly dragged for her racially inventive behavior, it seemed like maybe she would take some inventory about her actions. Not so much. The married mother of one turned her Italian wedding to Beau Clark into tabloid fodder with her supposed friends.

After disinviting multiple guests, Stassi then kicked some of her supposed best friends to the curb for not coming. When Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright cancelled at the eleventh hour, they found themselves iced out by the devil herself. As reported by Us Weekly, Scheana Shay revealed that Brittany and Jax sent money to Stassi to cover their plates. And Stassi sent it back after supposedly hearing what Brittany had said on Scheana’s podcast.

Scheana explained, “The point of the [Scheananigans] podcast, honestly, was for [Stassi] to just understand Brittany’s side more because she wasn’t taking her calls and Brittany messaged her so many times with no response. We didn’t do it maliciously or to talk s–t. And then the backlash from it, it was, like, that actually wasn’t even the intention. We’re like hopefully once she hears this, she’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God, now I understand.’”

But that ended up “backfiring on us,” according to Scheana. She added, “Stassi sent the money back. Brittany had paid for the plates because she couldn’t make it. And said ‘Scheananigans podcast’ [as the note].”

While Brittany claimed there were “actual reasons” they couldn’t attend the European wedding last minute, Stassi wasn’t buying it. Back in June, Brittany claimed, “Cruz [Cauchi]’s passport didn’t come in, my mom had a death in the family and had to go home.” Brittany went on, “I mean, there was actual things that happened right before the wedding that we actually couldn’t make it to the wedding for those reasons. But I know, like, having to wait to the last minute and not being able to be there for someone who I really do think of as one of my best friends, like, I feel terrible about and I’m truly sorry. And I hope that one day, we’ll be able to talk about this and figure it all out.”

Brittany then discussed the drama on Scheananigans, saying that Jax was “getting in his head” and “getting all worked up” about flying with a baby. But she maintained that she didn’t know Jax allegedly text Beau’s friends that he was going to a golf tournament instead. “I personally never sent any text messages. I will make that very clear because I would never do that to them. I was planning on going 1,000 — 100 percent. You know how Jax is, he’ll just text and rage text and everything else,” Brittany added.

On the podcast, Scheana noted that in addition to sending money to cover the “expensive” plates, Brittany has also tried to contact Stassi multiple times. Brittany shared, “I have reached out since the wedding and said, ‘Everything is so gorgeous and I hope that we can talk one day and I’m so sorry for how things went down,’ and I haven’t gotten any response just yet. I’ll try again in a couple weeks or something. I just like to make things right. I get so upset. I don’t want to cause any drama.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]