Southern Charm - Seasonv 8

Southern Charm Season 8 Reunion Looks: Who Is Best Dressed?

The Southern Charm Season 8 reunion is already underway and it’s giving a balanced amount of drama and reconciliation. To be honest, after Season 7 ended, the group needed a slightly more light-hearted reunion. At least Madison LeCroy, Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover can be in the same room cracking jokes without wanting to rip each other’s heads off. The same doesn’t go for the tension between a newly broken up Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green.

There’s plenty of drama to recap when it comes to the reunion, but we can’t forget to shine a light on the fashion as well. We’re breaking down the Southern Charm reunion looks and figuring out who is serving iconic Charleston glamor, and who probably should’ve opted to wear one of Craigy’s pillowcases instead.

Shep Rose

To kick it off with Shep, his look epitomizes the place he’s at in his life right now — messy. On the surface, it seems like a solid reunion get up. He’s wearing light slacks, a light blue linen jacket, and a white checkered shirt. However, once you look closer, you realize how lazy this outfit is. Like, Shep is literally wearing a brown belt and black shoes. I know middle school children who know that those accessories should match when you’re trying to look presentable. Shep has likely been going through it one way or another since Taylor left him, and it’s showing with this presentation. 6/10.

Taylor Ann Green

Taylor, on the other hand, showed up to show her ex exactly what he’s missing by messing around on her. Her look is very Southern Belle in the summertime. She’s wearing a long hot pink tulle dress with a slit and a plunging neckline that looks fit for a princess. She opted for soft bouncy curls in her hair and light pink glam. It’s an iconic revenge look without a doubt, but I would’ve liked to see a glitzy necklace to tie the look together. Taylor still earns a solid 9/10 with this one.

Austen Kroll

Honestly, I just want to get the guys’ looks out of the way because it’s more fun to talk about the ladies. Austen looks like he’s dressing to hang out with Olivia Flowers’s parents, and that’s a good thing. He looks put together and unassuming in a navy suit, white dress shirt, and maroon accents. I give Austen a lot of crap, but I’m warming up to him more after the last few episodes. I may be swayed by his heartfelt speech about his sister at the reunion or his defense of Taylor in her relationship with Shep, but I’m digging this look. Sure it’s nothing to go nuts over, but Austen looks good. I’ll give him an 8/10 for this one.

Craig Conover

Paige DeSorbo obviously had a say in Craigy’s reunion outfit because he looks on point. Well, besides the fact that his too-tight pants resulted in a wardrobe malfunction. He’s wearing a slim beige suit with a crisp white dress shirt underneath. Craig always has to add his own flare to his looks, so he opted to leave the first button on his shirt open to reveal his gold chain and chest hair. You can’t help but love his quirks, so Craig also gets an 8/10 for this one. He and Austen are connected at the hip, after all, so it’s only right they get the same score.

Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis is the unofficial queen of Southern Charm. She’s the OG and, as Andy Cohen mentioned at the reunion, we’ve watched her mature nearly her entire adult life on the show. Kathryn showed up to the reunion in a look that screams single woman who runs this ish. Kathryn is serving in an emerald green velvet gown with a high slit, corset bodice, and silver off-the-shoulder beading on the top. Her hair is giving us OG Kathryn with the red, but it’s a more natural shade that’s so complimentary on her. The makeup is a major redemption from Kathryn’s look at her birthday party at the beginning of the season, and she tops it off with gold strappy heels. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do a reunion look. I can’t help but give it a 10/10.

Venita Aspen

Venita Aspen might be a reality TV newbie, but she’s a fashion queen at heart. Her first reunion look is impressive and on-point. She’s wearing a hot pink velvet strapless gown with a slight silver detail on top. She’s iced out with a lot of jewelry, but it’s still dainty and thoughtfully placed. The dress drips down to her ankles, which reveal some blingy hot-pink heels that bring the look together. For the glam, she’s serving with a slicked-back and flipped-up ponytail with an aggressive side bang that Paige would approve of. I honestly have no notes, besides that the dress looks like it might be a bit loose fitting on the top in certain pictures. Still, Venita earned herself a 9/10 with this ensemble.

Naomie Olindo

Naomie Olindo is back and she knows she’s got to be a little humble about it. Her return hasn’t been the best news for Craig and Kathryn, but she seems happy to be back in the group. Her reunion look is very subdued and classic Naomie. She’s giving us the same wavy hair and glams he always does, and I would’ve liked to see some range. She’s wearing a mossy green satin dress with a lot of draping that is one-shouldered. She’s got a basic gold shoe that compliments the look, but there’s nothing exciting about it. Naomie always looks good so it’s not like she needed to go over the top, but it would’ve been nice for her to step it up a little more. 7/10.

Olivia Flowers

Olivia is another newbie who showed up to the reunion to serve. She may be unsure of her relationship with Austen, but she’s sure of her fashion. Olivia is wearing a light pink blingy gown with a high slit that is the perfect amount of glamorous. The dress doesn’t outshine Olivia but compliments her beauty, which is sometimes hard to do with clothing. Her hair is done in long curls that make her look very Southern. She completes the look with a silver statement shoes and earrings that tie everything together. Olivia might not be my favorite newbie, but I’ll also give her a 9/10 for this.

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte’s status with her Southern Charm co-stars is up in the air much like my opinion about her reunion look. Firstly, the positives are her hair and makeup. Her hair is curled to one side which makes her look very sophisticated and her glam is flawless as always. All I can really say about the outfit is that this look is a choice, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what isn’t working. Leva’s wearing a floral pastel dress with what looks like netting and ruffles. There’s a lot to look at. The dress might fare better with bright, bold colors. Leva’s style is usually on-point so I was shocked by her choice. She tops it off with an unmatching emerald jewel earring that seems more appropriate for Kathryn’s outfit. I’m sorry, girl, but you get a 7/10 for this.

Madison LeCroy

Madison has the issue that she’s so beautiful that it’s hard for her to dress. Seriously, it seems like Madison is most comfortable in workout clothes or a bikini, even though she can show up from time to time. This reunion look isn’t bad, but it isn’t to the level of Kathryn and Taylor’s, for example. She’s wearing a high-neck white shimmery dress with a boxy shape that is giving big bridal energy, which is appropriate. There’s a small slit to her knees but that’s it. Overall, it’s a pretty dress that makes her look elegant, but it needs a little extra something. Her big blonde curls and full-face glam are definitely reunion ready, but she could’ve taken the entire look a step further. 8/10.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]