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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Cast Reacts To Robyn Dixon Admitting Juan Dixon Cheated

Robyn Dixon baby, what are you doing? I mean that in the most major way possible. In all ways, what are you doing? Please get a storyline. Please get a life. The years of caping for Gizelle Bryant aren’t cutting it. And now doubling down on marrying a cheating liar face? And putting the entire process except the actual nuptials on camera? BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP, ROB!

I consider myself a girls’ girl, but at a certain point, you can’t help the helpless. Robyn and Juan Dixon became engaged (again) on the Real Housewives of Potomac screen. Probably for lack of anything else to do. I think that was around the time that laying down in the pandemic was Robyn’s main draw. Like, I get it. But you’re creating reality TV here.

And let’s not get started on those Coach Juan rumors floating around Reddit, TikTok- you name it. If you know you know. Frankly, I wish I didn’t know. I’m not about to act like his roommate/fiancé doesn’t either.

Throughout Season 7 of RHOPKaren Huger has been adamant that Robyn and Juan’s engagement is all for the cameras. During their cast trip to Mexico, Karen went so far as to reveal cheating rumors about Juan. He’d been seen out in Georgetown, Maryland, holding hands with another woman. Brazen indeed. 

Robyn denied the rumors and even called Juan during an episode to laugh it off with him. Juan doth protest too much, though. He became angry with Robyn over Karen’s accusations. Weird behavior from someone innocent, but alrighty. Robyn insisted things were totally fine after the love of her life hung up on her on camera. Why doesn’t she work this hard to keep RHOP going?

Now, Rob has gathered the gumption to admit on her podcast that the rumors Karen was spouting off were basically true! She admitted, “What I will say is, yes, Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram.” She added that Juan and the mystery woman “did not date.” Whatever makes you sleep at night.

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Page Six reported that Karen fired off a tweet after Robyn’s admission. She wrote, “Well you don’t say……” Wendy Osefo chimed in tweeting, “Clown behavior” with a laughing emoji and a corn(y) emoji. 

Candiace Dillard didn’t mince her thoughts one bit. She tweeted a whole thread for us to enjoy. It started, “Wow: A Thread: Our boss’s (Andy Cohen) favorite clap back when we’re playing coy about certain aspects of our lives is: ‘you’re on a reality show about your life.’ There is an expectation that – doing no harm – we show up to this platform as our authentic selves,” she wrote.

“And while we ‘reserve the right to be judicious about what we share,’ there is a special brand of audacity attached to individuals who will knowingly bury the lede in exchange for damning and salacious lies that stand to cause irreparable harm to innocent people,” Candiace continued. 

Candiace aptly stood with the viewers and argued that hiding Juan’s infidelity during filming “tarnishes the integrity of the premise of our show.” She added, “It’s not entertaining. It’s not interesting. It’s wack.” 

Candiace ended her thread by asking why she and her RHOP co-stars should have to continue being “open or genuine or authentic” when some of the ladies “can rob our viewers of the truth and continually be rewarded for it.” 

Inquiring minds would like to know! 


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