Dorinda Medley

“Drunk” Dorinda Medley Was Reportedly Kicked Out Of Luann De Lessep’s Cabaret Show After Making A Staffer Cry

Luann De Lessep’s cabaret show is on a roll this week! First, a fan threw up on the former Countess from laughing too hard. Now Dorinda Medley was kicked out for allegedly being drunk. Believe it or not, these are completely unrelated stories. Never an uncool moment for the retired Real Housewives of New York ladies, I guess!

According to Page Six, money cannot buy you elegance or class. An allegedly “drunk” Dorinda was escorted out of Lu’s cabaret show after she was rude to staffers. A source close to Lu revealed that Dorinda was reportedly asked to leave and that she’s “been permanently banned from the club by management, never to step foot in there again.” 

The source added, “She made several staffers actually cry, she was really drunk and kept yelling, ‘I don’t get paid to be here!’” Dorinda’s rep denied the claims. Dorinda supposedly left the event because she was suffering from a “routine cold” and didn’t want to “expose others.” 

Her rep said, “She wanted to make her exit prior to the crowd exiting so she wouldn’t expose others to her cold, she arrived right at the start of the show for the same reason.”

Dorinda’s publicist continued, “She was never intoxicated and made no one cry, one of Luann’s cabaret employees was kind enough to order her an Uber to get safely home. The club never asked her to leave and you can confirm with ownership she would be welcomed back any time.”

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The cabaret venue did not return requests for comment. Page Six also obtained a video of the event. Apparently, Dorinda was seen dancing near audience members and was not avoiding close contact as her rep had claimed. 

An audience member also tattled to Page Six and co-signed the original source’s claims. They said that Dorinda appeared to be “drunk” and was in some type of disagreement with a staff member. The drama!

“When we got [to the lobby], it appeared she was in a convo with someone, a young woman manager, so we waited for a pic, but we quickly realized that this was not a convo and Dorinda was yelling at the woman and getting in her face,” the fan reported.

“The woman was very professional and took it. Dorinda was going on about how she basically was bringing liveliness to the show. It was almost as if Dorinda was implying she was the one that was getting the crowd riled up and causing them to have a great time,” the fan added. 

There are claims that Dorinda returned to her table minutes later. The fan continued, “She was clearly drunk and getting drunker as the show progressed and she kept jumping up to be included in the show while Luann was on stage. The way she is on ‘RHONY’ was exactly as she behaved that night.” 

Another lurker claimed, “One of the employees told us on the way out that [Dorinda] was drunk and rude to staff and that’s why they asked her to leave, especially since she thought she didn’t have to pay her tab which is what started all the madness.”

According to Page Six several other people who claimed to have also attended the show confirmed the incident on social media. Meanwhile, Dorinda went on Instagram Live to deny everything. 

“No, I wasn’t escorted out — I left,” Dorinda announced. “No, I left because I was tired.” I’m sure our girl just needed to get home to a little wine, a roast chicken, and some Ghost Hunters. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]