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Real Housewives Of Miami Star Larsa Pippen Getting To Know Marcus Jordan’s Family; Larsa Has “Been Hanging Out With” Marcus’ Father Michael Jordan

We don’t know if Larsa Pippen will hear wedding bells in the future, but the Real Housewives of Miami star might be able to ditch her OnlyFans account if this works out in her favor. RHOM viewers know Larsa had been denying a romance with Marcus Jordan since September 2022.

After multiple paparazzi shots showed Larsa and Marcus hanging out and looking cozy, they finally copped to a relationship. In February 2023, Larsa shared a Valentine’s Day post with Marcus which apparently verified the couple as Instagram official.

Now that Larsa is claiming this plot twist of a relationship, she’s hanging out with Marcus’ family. Granted she’s probably hung out with Marcus’ family before, but he was a child and she was married to his father’s teammate. Now she’s leveled up to girlfriend instead of wife.

According to Page Six, Larsa has “been hanging out with” Michael Jordan. This is where I would probably drop a questionable emoji. Larsa appeared on The Tamron Hall Show this week and briefly discussed her ship with Marcus.

She said, “I’ve recently been hanging out with them [Marcus’ parents], but I don’t really want to talk about them. I feel like it’s not about, you know, my parents or his parents — they’re all happy; our whole family’s fine.”

Hear that everyone? Larsa does not want to talk about them, as she then proceeds to talk about them on an actual talk show. She added, “I feel like it’s more about where I am, where [Marcus] is. I feel like we’re in a great place. We motivate each other. We’re really happy being together. And I feel like that’s the most important thing.”

Exactly what is Marcus motivating Larsa to do? Think of more enticing foot photos? Either way, Larsa shared they have even spent family holidays together. “We’ve spent holidays together, and it’s good. We’re in a great place.”

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Apparently, Marcus’ parents have given this relationship their blessing. Larsa made sure to include she and Marcus “literally just met at a party four years ago” and a friendship began. “We have a lot of mutual friends, and so we’re kind of in the same circle.” And it’s totally not because she knows all of Marcus’ friends’ mothers. Larsa also said she and Marcus have “everything in common”. Let’s all join hands and say, sure, Jan.

Larsa isn’t allowing their pesky little age difference interfere with true love. Sixteen years separating them biologically is no big deal. She maintains age does not “determine your level of maturity”. Age absolutely does not determine a level of maturity, but that doesn’t mean most people feel comfortable being close with someone who wasn’t even born when they started driving a car.

Larsa continued, “I’ve dated guys that were a lot older than me. Scottie [Pippen] is 10 years older than me.” We all know how well that one worked out. Larsa was also asked if she and Marcus are “in love” and she responded, “I think so”.

Looks like Larsa is in it to win it. Any bruised feelings Scottie might have about Larsa being close with MJ’s son are seemingly a non-factor. Larsa confirms she “didn’t plan it like that” but “[doesn’t] care” how Scottie feels about it.

Up next, Scottie starts dating Kim Kardashian for revenge! While that’s not likely to happen, Scottie must certainly have feelings on this relationship. We will have to wait and see if Marcus shows up on RHOM. Producers are quietly salivating in the corner, praying they don’t break up before Season 6 begins filming.


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