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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Viewers ‘Scared’ of Raquel Leviss

Remember back to a simpler time, before the age of Scandoval? I feel like this Vanderpump Rules drama will never end. Special thanks to Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss for taking over our lives with this annoying cheating scandal.

During the second part of the reunion, nearly everyone was emotional. Except for one cast member who watched the action on television in a trailer. Raquel claimed that Scheana Shay punched her, which Scheana denied. So, Raquel and Scheana had to stay far apart due to that pesky restraining order. And when Raquel graced the stage, she was calm.

Why was Raquel so stoic?

While all her co-stars were crying and shouting, Raquel seemed detached. And fans on Twitter shared their thoughts about the pageant queen’s reactions.

A fan account tweeted, “It freaks me out how Raquel has ZERO emotions seeing this entire thing unfold in front of her. No compassion or empathy? Like it’s legit scary how frigid and detached she seems.”

Another follower posted, “It’s also wild to see everyone getting SO emotional: Tom [Sandoval], Ariana [Madix], and Scheana [Shay] are crying, James [Kennedy] can’t stay in his chair, [Tom] Schwartz is taking Xannies — literally everyone BUT Raquel shows emotion… she’s just a totally unfazed shell… scary.”

No tears for Scheana

Many fans had a strong reaction to Scheana crying about the restraining order. After all, Raquel was Scheana’s bestie. She even gave Raquel a place to live after her split from James. So, Raquel repaid her by having sex all over the place. Ick!

But Scheana was emotional about her feelings for Raquel, and how she felt protective towards her. Raquel didn’t react to her former friend crying and stated that perhaps she should have written Scheana a note.

“Scheana is literally having a breakdown over how betrayed she is, and all Raquel can do is smile and make jokes. Rawt!” tweeted the Queens of Bravo account.  

After taping the Pump Rules reunion, Raquel entered a mental health treatment facility for a long-term program geared towards dealing with trauma.  

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 concludes with the final part of the reunion on Wednesday, June 7 at 9/8c on Bravo.