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Kristen Doute Says Tom Sandoval Is ‘Loving’ the Attention From Scandoval

After cheating on his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with her good fake friend, Raquel Leviss, it seemed like Tom Sandoval’s life had imploded. No one on the Vanderpump Rules cast, other than his ride-or-die Tom Schwartz, was supporting him.

Yet, Sandoval blamed Ariana for his infidelity. If she had been following him, Ariana would have known that he was a liar and a cheat. Sadly, she trusted him.

Sandoval claimed that he is healing from the scandal by playing with his ridiculous cover band. Don’t disgrace the early 80s with your onstage wardrobe. He even had a patron at one of his shows thrown out for holding up a sign supporting Ariana.

Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend and former VPR co-star Kristen Doute appeared on the Good Guys podcast. She shared why Sandoval isn’t holed up in a room contemplating how to better himself.

Sandoval needs an audience at all times

Kristen shared whether she thinks her ex has a craving for attention. Well, duh. “I think he loves it. I think that he loves the attention, he loves the validation, whether it’s negative or positive, he doesn’t matter to him. And I truly think that right when s*** hit the fan, he was probably going to Raquel,” Kristen explained. “And whether or not they’re together anymore, I have no idea about the two of them.”

She also believes that Sandoval believes that a comeback is doable. I’m sure he has it all displayed on his mood board. “But I think he’s also telling himself right now, like, ‘Listen, man, Jax [Taylor] came back from all the bad things he did. Like Kristen came back from it. Like, I’m gonna come back from this. It’ll just take a little bit of time,’” Kristen said. “It doesn’t mean he is the most horrific human on the face of the planet, but he’s certainly a narcissist.”

Kristen wasn’t optimistic that Sandoval would change his behavior. She worked on herself after she was fired from Pump Rules. “Hitting rock bottom, which is what you would hope for someone like Tom,” she said. “Why isn’t this rock bottom where you just start groveling, you really do the work. You really go to therapy, you really look inside, and stop blaming everyone else.”

What are the chances that Sandoval will take accountability for his actions and try to better himself? Probably about the same as me buying tickets to see his band.

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