How Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss Can Redeem Herself On VPR Season 11 (Wrong Answers Only)

Rachel Leviss
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Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair saw the ratings for Vanderpump Rules soar during Season 10. However, due to the high amounts of vitriol received, Raquel entered into a mental health facility after filming wrapped on the reunion. Two months later, Raquel exited as Rachel Leviss, returning to her birth name in an attempt to regain her truth.

On a surface level, cheating isn’t a new concept. It happens every day in homes worldwide. It’s also happened with every cast member on Vanderpump Rules, minus Katie Maloney and Lisa Vanderpump. As viewers, we also know Rachel’s backstory, which points to a possible need for affection due to her broken childhood.

So why did Rachel receive such hate and so little compassion? Let’s re-break it down.

Ariana Madix, Tom’s girlfriend for a decade, considered Rachel a best friend. Ariana even confided in Rachel over her relationship woes, with Rachel promising to always be there for Ariana (all while knowingly sleeping with her best friend’s man).

Once the affair broke, Rachel engaged in victim-like interviews. Acting a fool further, while in care, Rachel sent a letter to Tom and Ariana’s still-shared home. As this letter was addressed to Tom, Ariana did not open it, which she explained on Watch What Happens Live. Following Ariana’s interview, Rachel sent a postcard to their home, complete with drawings of lightning bolts, her shared symbol with Tom during their nine-months long affair.

Even when busted AND while in care, Rachel still behaved in shady ways.

So now that Rachel has signed back on to film for Season 11, her chances at redemption are quite low. Therefore, let’s be ridiculous for a second and ask ourselves, how can Raquel Leviss redeem herself On VPR Season 11 (using wrong answers only).

Rachel Could Save The Cast From An Earthquake

Jax Taylor/Twitter

The cast of Vanderpump Rules resides in Los Angeles, which is an area particularly vulnerable to the destructive affects of earthquakes. Jax Taylor even took to Twitter once to say that he felt one occurring while at home. Here, Katie chimed in to the comments, agreeing that this one was “strong and scary!”

Enter in Rachel. As there are only a few ways to effectively predict an earthquakes arrival, such as water level fluctuations in wells and erratic animal behaviors, Rachel will need to become an expert on both. Once she spots either (or both) of these signs emerging, she can place the may-day call to her castmates (minus Tom), ensuring that they have enough time to get to somewhere safe, while also securing their most valuable possessions.

Rachel Could (Daily) Buy Out Something About Her’s Inventory

Katie Maloney/Instagram

Ariana and Katie deserve to get paid post Wreckelle. Katies now-ex husband, Tom Schwartz, was used as a decoy in the affair, causing his post-divorce friendship with Katie to quickly deteriorate. Currently, the women are working hard to open up their feminine sandwich shop concept, Something About Her. As a positive narrative post the #Scandoval storyline, Season 11 is likely to center heavily around the girl’s efforts and grand opening.

Beauty pageant strut right through that front door, Rachel! With each mornings flip of the open sign, Rachel could buy out the day’s inventory. Once this becomes a pattern, Ariana and Katie could bake and prepare two days worth of goods in advance. That way, they could sell out twice each day, only closing to quickly restock and fan themselves with their profits.

Rachel Could Build Ariana A Home

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Ariana spent a long time decorating her home, which she still shares with her now ex, Tom. For a reminder, Rachel and Tom hooked up in this home while Ariana was away for her grandmother’s funeral. As both Ariana and Tom invested their savings into this home, as well as Tom using some of the home’s equity to help fund his bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s, the separation of assets is taking a bit of time to sort out.

As Rachel likely knows, every beauty queen needs a platform. Therefore, in an effort to help Ariana start her life anew, Rachel could find the perfect property, with views for days, in which to build Ariana her dream home. Once the location has been secured, Rachel could strap on her hardhat and get to work.

Only caveat, Rachel cannot then move into Ariana’s old home with Tom. Instead, she must help it to get sold for the highest price per square foot in town.

Rachel Could Alert The World To Killer Robots


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After giving Lala Kent an Emmy for her impression work, Rachel will now need to consider the fallout that her actions had with the entire world. In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has exponentially increased. Some people (in quirky chat rooms all across the internet) have even theorized that robots will eventually surpass human intelligence and become the dominant species on Earth.

Never fear, Rachel is here. As filming has just begun, Rachel can start reading up on the rise of robots used around the world, learning how to disengage their internal software(s) should an invasion ever occur. Post saving the world, viewers all over will likely forgive Rachel for her actions. If not, their hearts were too cold, and that’s on them.

As an aside, we truly hope that Rachel has learned more about herself while in care, and that her self destructive behaviors seen post scandal are replaced with an understanding of her lack of true accountability. Her actions thus far have been pretty shocking, but everyone deserves a second chance. Whether or not Rachel can pull this off, however, remains to be seen. As for Tom Sandoval’s shot at redemption, well, no.