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Stassi Schroeder Accuses Pump Rules Producers of ‘Covering’ for the Men

Vanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder is getting ready to have her second kid but she’s still on the job. Since the media is covering Bethenny Frankel and her reality television reckoning, it’s been a hot topic amongst current and former reality stars. Beth’s interview with Rachel Leviss has also been making the rounds.

Stassi shared her opinion on Rachel’s sit-down because a couple of things stood out to her. While most people feel Rach’s time with Beth didn’t do her any favors, Stassi thinks some points she made had a familiar feeling. According to Stassi, Pump Rules producers were regular protectors of the men on the show. Allegedly.

Selective protecting?

On an episode of her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, she confirmed not everything Rach said was bogus.

Rachel admitted to Beth that Tom Sandoval would throw a tantrum if he thought a particular scene made him look bad. Thankfully they didn’t seem to listen to him all that often, because he looks bad a lot. That said, Stassi reflected on her own past experience with filming.

“That [covering for people] happened all the time on Vanderpump Rules when I was there. All the time,” she said. “There were so many times that I remember crying to producers and being like, ‘You guys have covered for certain people that have done really dark things. Men — that I can’t even be in the same room as some of these men. And I’m getting less screen time because of it. And I’m willing to get less screen time because of it,” Stassi added.

She wasn’t done. “I’m willing to film less because this is so unfair and this is so wrong,’” Stassi continued. So is she calling herself a victim? Producers must have been well-versed in having to hide, blur, or cut MANY things since the beginning of the show, IFYKYK.

But what about …

However, production wasn’t limited to protecting the men. In 2020 Stassi confessed Lala Kent went after Faith Stowers with a knife, it was filmed and magically disappeared. So I guess it’s not just the boys.

Stassi advised she refrained from addressing it while she was still employed because she didn’t want to impact her co-stars. “I wouldn’t want to shut down a show [where] it’s not just the cast — it’s the crew, it’s producers,” she shared.

“There’s so many people that work on it and love it. It’ll trickle down to so many people that I’m like, ‘I’m tougher than this, I can heal on my own,’ and I did. And there are so many other female cast members on Vanderpump Rules who have gone through the same thing, where production has covered for the dudes and we’ve just had to heal ourselves,” she concluded.