Jax Taylor’s Relationship History: Girlfriends, Cheating Scandals, and a Wedding

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Jax Taylor became a frustrating household name back in 2013, which is when the first season of Vanderpump Rules aired. Throughout his tenure on this series, rumors constantly swirled on his inability to remain faithful to, well, anyone. Therefore, several VPR women have been Jax’ed, which is a term that makes me cringe, but here we are. While I can admit that Jax in his earlier days was hot, he’s not dateable, so ladies, like, what?

Jax himself even thinks this, as in Season 3, he said “I’m basically telling her I’m the worst person you could talk to, or date for that matter. I’m like poison.” This confessional was in response to his short-lived flirtations with Vail Bloom, a new SUR’ver who only lasted one season. Even still, the ladies kept coming, so now, Jax has quite the rap sheet accrued, including several scandals, and wildly, a wedding.

Vanderpump Rules S1: Jax and Stassi /Laura Leigh

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Stassi Schroeder and Jax started filming for Season 1 as a couple. Shockingly, this is the only reason Jax was cast, so, thanks, Stass(?). “He was not even supposed to be on Vanderpump Rules,” she revealed in 2021, via the now defunct Give Them Lala…with Randall podcast. “He was not working at SUR and they cast the rest of us and they were like, ‘Who are you dating?’ And I was like, ‘This guy Jax.’”

Once the cameras started rolling, though, it was pretty evident that these two carried the same energy. Stassi even stated during the premiere, “Me and Jax just kind of bring everyone together. The boys are drawn to him, and the girls are drawn to me, so we just kind of lead the pack.” While we hate to admit it, they were the number one couple in Season 1.

As Stassi recently joked on Jeff Lewis Live, she falls fast, so after date 3, the pair moved in together. However, Jax cheated in Vegas, and Stassi detected his lies, so the pair split. They tried again in Season 2, but Jax lost her for good here, as he slept with her then-best friend. More on that in a sec.

After their break in Season 1, Jax rebounded with another SUR’ver, Laura-Leigh. At the time, Laura-Leigh was struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction, so one of their dates involved Jax accompanying her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Yet, Jax dumped her right after, because he, of all people, couldn’t handle dating anyone with baggage. This saw Jax ending Season 1 solo, with a determination to win Stassi back.

Find out About Jax and Kristen!


As previously mentioned, Jax lost Stassi for life in Season 2, after he and Stassi’s then-best friend, Kristen Doute, hooked up. At first, Jax and Kristen heavily denied their romp, which took place in Jax’s shared apartment with Tom Sandoval, who Kristen was actually dating at that time. While Sandoval slept, Jax and Kristen hooked up on his couch, but as Jax was trying to win back Stassi, and Kristen was spoken for, this hook up would have killed both of their relationships. Therefore, they made a pact to keep it mum, but their secret still came out.

Dumbly, Jax gave Stassi access to his text messages. When Kristen learned of this, she finally confessed. Stassi slapped her, and Jax ended another season alone.

Jax and Carmen Dickman/Tiffany Matthews

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Jax started off Season 3 lying about “saying goodbye to the old Jax. I’m a completely different person now.” And then, Season 3 continued, showing Jax dating two women at the same exact time. Poor Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman. “I’m trying to be honest with both of these girls … I don’t want to lose either of them,” Jax told Sandoval during Episode 2.

Tiffany lived in Vegas. So, when Carmen dined at SUR several weeks after Jax and Tiffany had started dating, Tiffany wasn’t around to squash Jax’s game. Due to this, Jax also started Carmen, but their relationship only lasted for two months. In this short time, Jax tattooed Carmen’s name on his arm, and even told her that he wanted her to have his babies, but needless to say, neither of these two relationships lasted, and Jax was once again single.

Jax and Lala? Almost!


In Season 4, Jax started dating Brittany Cartwright, the woman that he would eventually marry. More on her just below. This didn’t stop Jax from flirting with Lala Kent, though. In fact, as Lala told Brittany, Jax flirted with her one night, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m going to f*ck you.”

Naturally, Jax denied this when confronted by his Kentucky muffin. He kept denying it when Brittany called Lala to their table. But in his confessional, we heard him admitting “Did I say some things I probably shouldn’t have? Mmmmm, I might have danced on that line a little bit.”

Lala turned to Brittany, saying “All I know is I’ve told you nothing but the truth, and whatever happens with you, like, I don’t care.” Jax and Brittany stayed together after this, despite his flirtations with Lala.

Jax and Brit


By Season 6, Jax and Brittany were still dating. Then he cheated on her, again, with another SUR’ver, Faith Stowers. This saw Brittany ending things, but she eventually took Jax back. In Season 7, Jax proposed, and their Kentucky wedding aired on Bravo in Season 8.

Currently, Jax and Brittany live in a modern farmhouse with their little boy Cruz. Yet, after wrapping filming for their VPR spin-off, The Valley, it was leaked that Brittany was moving out. When TMZ leaned in, Brittany revealed “I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things, and nothing has come from that yet.” All we can do now is wait and see what goes down on the Valley between these two, but as a child is involved, we’ll simply wish them well.

With a side of Lala (and Jax’s entire relationship history) tried to tell you, Britt.