The Worst Kept Vanderpump Rules Secrets

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The trailer for Vanderpump Rules has made the rounds, and we are here for the mess within. In this, however, a long-kept secret was revealed. This got us thinking. Over the years, this friend group has really sucked at keeping private matters hidden, no?

As Ally Lewber expressed in the shocking Season 11 trailer, “nothing in this group ever stays a secret.” She’s right, luckily…for us. We love a good uncovered truth. Therefore, let’s take a look back at some of the other worst kept secrets throughout Vanderpump Rules’ history.

All of Jax’s Indiscretions


During Jax Taylor‘s first 8 seasons on VPR, he was often accused of cheating on his girlfriends. His first reaction was to deny and lie. But the women in this cast talk, and dig, and therefore, all of Jax’s indiscretions came to the light.

Starting in Season 1, Jax insisted that he wasn’t unfaithful to Stassi Schroeder. Unable to keep his own secret, in the finale, Jax admitted that the allegations of his cheating in Las Vegas were true. In Season 2, a rumor began that Jax and Kristen Doute had hooked up, while Kristen was dating Tom Sandoval. After repeatedly denying this, Kristen finally confessed, as Jax had given Stassi access to their text messages, so the truth was coming out anyways.

During Season 6, Faith Stowers alleged that she had sex with Jax, who was dating Brittany Cartwright at the time. Even though Jax denied this, he later had to confess, as a recorded conversation between himself and Faith was unearthed. Basically, Jax lied often about cheating. His secrets were some of the worst kept on VPR though, as the truth always surfaced.

Stassi’s Cheating On Jax


I completely forgot about this special. Stassi lies to Andy Cohen about cheating in Jax. Sandoval calls her out. It’s all so ridiculous. ?‍♀️ @andycohen did you ever bring this up?! I think we need Stassi on WWHL for all of this Scandoval nonsense anyway. #scandoval #vpr #vanderpump #bravoaddict #vanderpumprules #stassishroeder #jaxtaylor #tomsandoval #katiemaloney #vprcheating

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After Jax cheated on her, Stassi slept with Frank Herlihy, but when she was called out, she lied. “This is so awful—I lied to Andy Cohen,” a 2016 uncensored episode saw Stassi admitting. “I just had to say no and fight to the death.” Stassi tried to keep her affair hidden, but in true VPR fashion, her secret was poorly kept.

Sandoval Kissed Ariana After All

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Around the time Kristen and Jax hooked-up, Kristen insisted that Sandoval was cheating on her with Ariana Madix. While both Sandoval and Ariana denied this, Sandoval eventually came clean to Stassi.

He admitted to only kissing Ariana but denied that they had ever slept together, prior to his relationship with Kristen ending, that is. Stassi always made Sandoval chirp, as both his worst-kept secrets and his tempers typically failed in her presence.

Miami Girl

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After Sandoval and Ariana started dating, an angry Kristen flew out a woman named Annemarie. This woman claimed to have slept with Sandoval while he was with Ariana. When Annemarie walked into SUR, Sandoval and Ariana took off, and for years, they both denied Sandoval’s involvement with the “Miami Girl.” However, post a messy Season 10, Ariana gave Sandoval up on Watch What Happens Live.

“They slept together. It was before he and I were exclusive. I didn’t want people to think the absolute worst of the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, so I defended him,” Ariana explained.

Sandoval’s Miami Girl secret was not as well-kept as he had planned, because a scorned Vanderpump Rules woman will always expose the truth.

All of Schwartz’s Indiscretions


This season on Vanderpump Rules, the aforementioned secret that’s finally revealed is about Tom Schwartz and Scheana Shay, as they apparently kissed while Schwartz was with Katie Maloney. “I made out with Scheana in Vegas, and nobody knows that,” Schwartz tells a wide-eyed Lala Kent. Exasperated, Scheana stated that this was supposed to be a secret that was taken to the grave. Oops.

Just like Jax, none of Schwartz’s many indiscretions ever remained secretive. During Season 3, he was accused of making out with someone while with Katie. On this, he sold himself out, but also played it off, saying that he had “just” kissed her. After Schwartz and Katie wed, Schwartz admitted again in Season 6 that he had drunkenly made out with one of Lala’s friends, because when it comes to keeping his own secrets, Schwartz is the worst.

Lala and James’ Secret(s)


Lala Kent tells Raquel Leviss she slept with James Kennedy while they were still together. ? Season 10, Episode 3 • @bravotv ✨ #vanderpumprules #pumprules #realityshow

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It took eight long years before James Kennedy and Lala came clean on their little secret. In Season 4, these twin flames were intimate after all. Their tryst occurred at the beginning of James’ relationship with Rachel Leviss, while Lala was also starting to date Randall Emmett. This now poorly-kept secret was revealed during Season 10, when Lala mentioned it all to Rachel.

James also self-revealed a secret in Season 4, as right after he lied to Kristen’s face, promising her that he didn’t sleep with another SUR employee, he took to a confessional and giddily said, “The truth is, Jenna and I were definitely boning.”

Ew, James. Also, what is up with all of these Vanderpump Rules cast members being unable to keep their own secrets hidden? Not that we’re mad. These worst-kept secrets have made for great television, so, keep spilling the tea, all.



This last poorly-kept secret just occurred during Season 10. Here, Sandoval and Ariana ended their nine-year relationship, as Ariana had discovered Sandoval’s hidden affair with Rachel. This bombshell revelation became known as “Scandoval,” and over the course of a few months, so many hidden secrets were uncovered. From covert dates to hook-ups, it all slipped out.

This dark event marked a turning point for Vanderpump Rules. The ratings went through the roof, and sleuths combed through old footage, looking for clues of this affair’s existence in earlier episodes. Whether or not Season 11 can maintain this momentum, we’ll have to wait and see. That said, as the cast members on VPR are the worst at keeping secrets, we likely have several additional seasons of drama left on tap.