Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 10 Recap: Ariana and Sandoval’s Tension Explodes

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Welcome back to the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 10 recap. Last time, Schwartz told Lala that he kissed Scheana years ago, causing drama among the group. This week’s episode, “Line in the Sand,” features Ariana facing off with Sandoval for his irresponsible behavior with her dog, Mya. Here’s everything that you need to know about Vanderpump Rules, Season 11, Episode 10!

Ariana needs some assistance

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Ariana was hiring an assistant, and Ann Maddox, Sandoval’s assistant, would like the job. While Ariana has qualms about what will happen if she hires Sandoval’s assistant, she noted that he didn’t care enough not to have sex with Rachel Leviss while Ariana was at her grandmother’s funeral. Point taken!

Ann interviewed for the position. Ariana felt bad that Ann had to pick up Sandoval’s dirty underwear and socks. In her confessional, Ariana noted that he sometimes wore the same underwear for days. “Change your drawers, bro,” she quipped. That is gross!

Sandoval eavesdropped on the interview downstairs. He was furious that Ariana would steal his assistant after taking all his friends. I feel so sad for him.

Schwartz is in dad mode

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Schwartz visited Scheana and Brock. He gave Summer Moon Davies a hat that was way too big. Schwartz’s biological clock was ticking, and this Vanderpump Rules guy believes that he will be a good dad. “I hope I’m a DILF, but I’ll be 60 when they graduate high school,” Schwartz said. Meanwhile, Scheana was upset that Brock told Schwartz about Katie sleeping with Max Boyens.

Are boundaries being broken in the group?

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Ariana vented to Katie about, who else? Sandoval! When Ariana was leaving, Ann was crying in the kitchen because Sandoval “came down on her” because he overheard her conversation with Ariana. Meanwhile, Katie was unhappy that Scheana tracked Max to her house during their hookup. And Katie was sick of Schwartz’s shenanigans, so she doesn’t feel bad for hooking up with Max.

Both Katie and Ariana received a text inviting them to Lala’s water sommelier tasting. Ariana wasn’t enthused because she doesn’t understand why Lala is trying to create a bond with Sandoval. But, she has realized that sometimes she will have to be in the same room (and house) as her ex. Plus, she wanted to support Lala.

Water signs

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James and Ally hosted Lala’s water tasting. Lala is approaching her fifth year of sobriety, and she adores sparkling water. Martin, the sommelier, explained all about water. The VPR crew sampled some very expensive sparkling water. Most were not impressed.

As the ladies moved inside, Sandoval and James answered the door to grab some pizzas. When they forgot Ally’s ranch, Sandoval ran outside to stop the delivery driver. Ariana muttered about how much Sandoval was doing.

Then Sandoval complained in his confessional about how he can hear Ariana making digs at him, which makes it harder for him to stay in the background. Since Ariana is pressuring their friend group to choose her over Sandoval, “the deck is stacked against me,” he said. Boo-hoo.

The men congregated in the backyard. Sandoval told them how Tii was quizzed by Ariana, and that Ariana made nasty comments about him. And it was only his first date with Tii. Brock told Sandoval that he needed to speak to Ariana. Sandoval became mopey as Brock stated that for the sake of all their friendships, Sandoval and Ariana need to talk.

And as far as poor Ann, Sandoval sent her home, so Ariana doesn’t know what that means. Now there is no one between them to control the traffic flow in the house. Ariana thought maybe her lawyer would do it, but everyone knows that is ludicrous.

Katie and Schwartz discuss Max

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Katie and Schwartz ended up alone in the backyard. He teased her, calling her, “You dirty dog.” Katie said that she felt that Schwartz never respected her, so why should she respect him? But Schwartz pointed out how Katie slammed him for kissing Rachel. According to Katie, the reason that they divorced was because her feelings and thoughts were never on Schwartz’s radar. And if having sex with Schwartz’s best friend Max was her only screw up, then Schwartz was blessed.

Now Schwartz wanted to be friends and grab dinner, and Katie said no. Then they both ragged on each other’s clothing choices before ending the conversation in a laugh. I’m glad these two are improving their relationship.

Welcome to the rage-fest

Inside the house, Brock asked Ariana about Ann interviewing to work for her. Ariana stated, “The attempted dog murderer was eavesdropping.” Brock didn’t understand who tried to kill Ariana’s dog, and Sandoval noted that his ex was accusing him.

Ariana stated that he put Mya in Ariana’s room and locked her in there for several hours. She chewed on wooden skewers from a take-out container and required emergency vet care.

Next, Sandoval asked, “Why don’t you respond to my email?” Ariana screamed over him. “My lawyer will be dealing with you, not me!”

Sandoval complained that she hadn’t answered the email in two months. Ariana said that her lawyer was sending “a very well-thought-out response.” And when Ariana came home from SUR the other night, the back door was wide open. Another strike against Sandoval.

“One more f*cking example of your carelessness and your f*cking callousness when it comes to the house that was my f*cking dream house, and my f*cking children,” Ariana stated. “Your children?” he fired back.

She shouted for him to leave and never look at her again. He turned around, screaming, “You’ve already got everything, Ariana. All the campaigns you got. Now you’ve got to take my assistant?” Sandoval grabbed his stuff and left.

Will Ariana release her anger?

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Everyone inside was shell-shocked by the fury between the two former flames. Once again, Lala saw both sides. In her confessional, Lala said that Sandoval was wrong for going in Ariana’s room. However, the skewers shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Lala jabbed at Ariana for doing a trash bag commercial, but not throwing away garbage.

Then, Sandoval and Schwartz talked to each other by phone. This time, Sandoval said that it was either him, or Ann, who closed Mya in Ariana’s room. He also remarked that he dealt with this level of “rage” from Ariana during their entire relationship. Your stories change a lot, Sandoval.

Lala suggested that Ariana and her ex have a “productive conversation.” But Ariana can’t talk with that “sociopath, disgusting, psycho, narcissist, gas lighter, piece of sh*t person.” Tell us how you really feel! Scheana was worried about Ariana’s mental health since she was still living in the same house as Sandoval.

Scheana’s Beach Day

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Scheana asked Brock if he already invited Sandoval to the beach day. After the fireworks last night, Scheana hoped to avoid a repeat. But Brock refused to uninvite Sandoval. In his mind, Ariana was the one who was triggered and needs to address her issues.

As the Vanderpump Rules gang gathered on the beach, James drew a line in the sand, with one side for Ariana and one for Sandoval.

Sandoval told the guys that he signed up for a single’s event. Dude- read the dunes. Katie asked Sandoval if he knew that Scheana and Schwartz kissed. He said no, but Schwartz admitted previously that he told him.

Brock, in his cowboy hat, made a joke about the start of Sandoval and Rachel’s affair. Ariana ordered Sandoval to have this horrible discussion elsewhere.

The ladies wanted to know if Sandoval fired Ann. He denied it, stating that he said they should take a couple of days off. Then Schwartz mentioned pets, and Ariana responded that the pets belong solely to her. Sandoval disagreed.

Ariana paid the adoption fees, and Sandoval snarked, “It was the one bill that Ariana paid.” She ordered him to move to another area away from her.

Then Ariana called out the group, including the newly-arrived Lala, for not checking Sandoval when he made disparaging remarks about her. When Lala started to speak, Ariana shut her down. “The devil has enough advocates,” Ariana said. “He is the devil, and you being his advocate.” In the end, Ariana was tired of everyone pushing Sandoval in her face.

To be continued…

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