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Bravo's first-ever doctor-turned-housewife is officially dunzo with Real Housewives of Miami!

After a season full of controversy concerning her relationship and her realness, followed by family issues and a reported double-foreclosure, Karent Sierra has decided Real Housewives is not for her! 

RumorFix is reporting that Karent couldn't deal with the cattiness and is focusing on other TV projects, because she is a dentist with a publicist after all! Karent previously hinted at other TV projects in the works and commented that the show was very difficult for her to handle!


Lea Black RHOM S2
With her annual gala less than a month away and the rumors swirling about filming getting underway for season 3, Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black answers our burning questions. Well, some of them. 
As she dashed to catch a flight yesterday, Lea took a few minutes to dish on her upcoming book, her gala, season 3 rumors, and to share her latest projects.
What can we expect from this year's gala?  Can you give us a hint about what celebs will be performing?
Big names! BIG surprises! Flo Rida, Whiskers and an amazing sound and light show by him! There will be other surprises, lots of entertainment, celebrities on the red carpet and the best guests ever! People make the party!

Last time we spoke you mentioned you were working on a book; can you give us an update?

It's scandalous! A mystery novel. Fiction. And all about Miami socialites and crazies. A lot of "camouflaged" characters and composites of various personalities. A Vanity Fair writer told me it was very Truman Capote-esqe, his earlier scandalous writings. Will be fun watching everyone, figuring out who's who! And it’s a fun read.

How has fan reaction been after season 2?
Apparently, even Bravo was surprised with the response. Advertisers loved it. Seems it left everyone hungry for more.

Real Housewives of Miami Cast Season 2 RHOM

Well, I'd say we can unofficially say that Real Housewives of Miami will be back for a third season.  Not only did we just learn that the production company, Purveyors of Pop, is hoping that Miami will allow un-manned, flying drones to capture aerial footage for the upcoming season, but Lea Black has also teased about maybe, possibly, perhaps returning once again.  

I'm going to go out on a limb and welcome the ladies back for season three, especially now that the production company is tweeting about how filming has started for the ladies of Miami.  So, the whole secretive element seems to have fallen by the wayside…Purveyors of Pop just tweeted, "Nothing like starting off the new season with a @jugofresh juice cleanse #RHOM."  

The cat is out of the bag…wouldn't you agree?  We'll try to get more details for you tomorrow when we interview Lea Black. Hopefully she'll spill a little tea!


Karent Sierra

Foreclosures have become as much a Real Housewives staple as Botox! In a new report, Karent Sierra is allegedly facing a double foreclosure on two properties she owns in Miami! 

The Real Housewives of Miami star is reportedly on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by the Florida Community Bank in Miami-Dade civil court for an assessed value of $870,000 over two homes in Miami-Dade county. The bank would like to take ownership of those two homes citing loan default. 

Dr. T-t-t–t-teeth owns a total of three homes in the Miami area according to court records; one – the largest of which – was featured on RHOM this season. 

Gossip Extra says the other two homes are currently in foreclosure with loans obtained by Karent totalling $660,000. 


Real Housewives of Miami Cast Season 2 RHOM

Everyone involved with Real Housewives of Miami have got to be considered major pioneers.  From the "ladies' to the producers to the camera crew, this is one scrappy group of reality television minded people.  After the first season's disaster (who wants to watch bee-otchy pseudo socialites take boring cooking classes?), the show was back with a vengance…and a revamp.

Now, as the South Beach staple of Bravo's franchise heads into it's third season, it's making even more changes.  On the cast?  Perhaps, but that's not what I'm here to tell you about today.  No, instead the production crew is focusing on an entirely new way to film the women of RHOM as they engage in their drama, fur shaming, and Girls Gone Wild antics.


Cinderella Broadway Premiere

Check out what your favorite reality TV celebs have been up to this week with our all new photo post!

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer took her daughter Avery to the premiere of 'Cinderella' at the Broadway Theatre. 

Below you'll find photos from RHOA's NeNe Leakes, Rachel Zoe with her adorable tot, Brandi Glanville out and about with her sons, Holly Madison making her last pre-baby red carpet appearance, Joanna Krupa and many more!

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Even though the ladies of Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami finally found their voices in their sophomore season, some could definitely out yell the others.  Of course, Lea Black had a way of using her biting sarcasm to battle the volume of her co-stars.  When she wasn't stirring the pot among her friends or showering them with backhanded compliments, Lea could be found working on her annual gala and spending time with her family.

Everyone knows that Lea's gala is like her second child, and she treats it as such.  In a recent interview, she talks about how she';s prepping for huge April event while promoting a new line of skin care products and juggling her reality career.  I have a feeling next we'll be seeing a line of turbans from Lea, don't you think?


OK! Magazine's Annual Pre-Oscar Party held at the Emerson Theatre

With season three of Real Housewives of Miami still in limbo (I think we'll probably see the ladies again), Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra are trying their best to get our attention! "We're waiting to hear," Karent confirmed of a possible season three. 

Speaking to Celebuzz the new besties who were in LA for some Oscars-related event talked appearing on the show and what they're up to now. 

"The only thing I do regret is that I had a little bit too much to drink during the season," Joanna admits. "When you're put with so many crazy people, aside from my friends on the show, it's hard!"