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Stassi Schroeder Opens Up About Her On-Again Friendship With Kristen Doute; Jax Taylor Addresses His Arrest In Hawaii

Vanderpump Rules villain Stassi Schroeder and Nashville’s Chris Carmack were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live last night. Stassi dished on her friendship with Kristen Doute, the status of her relationship with Patrick, and more. Jax Taylor released a statement about his arrest in Hawaii.

Stassi says that she and Kristen have been friends again for a while now. “It was a slow process. I didn’t speak to her for a year, then every month after that I felt like it was giving another inch and then eventually it just got back to the way it used to be,” explains Stassi. “I’m really happy about that. I love Kristen.”


Stassi weighs in on what she has missed on Vanderpump Rules:

Kristen dating James – “Oh my God, I wanted to throw up. He’s like a member of ISIS.”

Tom and Katie‘s engagement – “I actually cried.”

Shay‘s substance abuse – “I’m way more of an alcoholic than he is.”

How Scheana handles Shay‘s addiction – “I don’t know what it’s like to be in that situation.”

Will Jax and Brittany last – “I hope so.”

Lala and Faith going topless in front of other people’s boyfriends – “You don’t want to even get me started. You gotta have some respect.”

Jax‘s third nose job – “They all look the same to me.”

Scheana hanging giant wedding photos all over her apartment – “You win some, you lose some.”

As for last night’s show, Andy asks Stassi for her thoughts on Katie Maloney and Scheana Marie saying really mean things about her, “Obviously that’s not fun, but I gave them ample reason, so I can’t really hate on it.”

Jax prerecorded a message to fans about his arrest in Hawaii:

“First off, I just want to give an apology to my friends and my family who had to see that. Let me tell you, it was very embarrassing. I have nobody to blame but myself. Sometimes on these shows I feel like sometimes we’re a little big bigger than we are. I think it was an extremely humbling experience. I’m sorry to all the fans out there that I’ve let down. Everyone kind of watches me go through these struggles, then I do better, then I go back, I do better, I go back. I think I’m on the right path this time.”

Stassi‘s response to Jax‘s statement: “I feel like I was just watching Making a Murderer.” Then she laughs at herself like she said something hilarious. <blank stare>

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Is Stassi embarrassed because she dated Jax? “Obviously. I was mortified all over national television.”

A caller asks Stassi, “Do you regret being known as one of the meanest women ever on reality TV in America ever?” Stassi hisses, “Never.”

Is it hypocritical of Katie and Scheana to push Ariana Madix to move on with Kristen when they refuse to forgive Stassi? “The theme of our cast is that we all have the same problem,” says Stassi, “but we all can’t recognize it, including myself, in ourselves.”

Andy asks where Stassi‘s newfound self-awareness came from – therapy or a bad breakup? “I just assume, it’s like, I’m 27 now.”

Stassi shares that she and Patrick are still together, adding, “I’m very much in love with Patrick, but we’ve gone through exactly what other relationships have gone through, where you go through ups and downs.” Andy is shocked to hear Stassi and Patrick are still together.

A caller asks Stassi if she agrees that Tom Sandoval has gotten cocky. “I was not there for it, but what I’ve watched on TV, it looks like the same thing.”

Whose relationship is the strongest – Tom/Katie, Shay/Scheana, Tom/Ariana, or Jax/Brittany?  “Katie and Tom are, like, my boos,” says Stassi, “so I have to go with that no matter what.”

Poll – Would you bail Jax out of jail?

No – 77%

Yes – 23%


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