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Stassi Schroeder Discusses Her New Boyfriend & Names The “True Villain” Of Vanderpump Rules

Most of the people who tuned into the last episode of Vanderpump Rules got some secondhand embarrassment for Stassi Schroeder thanks to her now-ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher. She admitted that he blocked her on everything so she would not “bother” him during his trip to Amsterdam. Who blocks his girlfriend to enjoy a vacation? The strong personality that we saw for years on this show was getting pushed around by this douche bag with a straggly man bun and it made me uncomfortable. Where was the Stassi that we have watched for years?!

Even worse, Patrick said he didn’t care if she had sex with other guys as long as she didn’t have an emotional connection with them – at her birthday party, surrounded by her close friends and family. Who does that!? Love Stassi or not, it was hard to watch and not be infuriated on her behalf. Thankfully, Stassi was on Watch What Happens Live the same night that Vanderpump Rules episode aired and confirmed that she has a new man in her life.

Even though Stassi confirmed that Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute set her up with a new man, she still wouldn’t tell Andy Cohen who she was dating. During a Facebook Live interview with Maxim, Stassi was asked plenty of relationship questions. She admitted, “I’m just not ready yet” instead of sharing any of the details.

She also said, “Trust me, I want to shout it from the rooftops. I would love to, but I don’t want to put the pressure on it just yet.”

That is completely understandable, considering that her last relationship is still playing out on Vanderpump Rules and her other famous ex is Jax Taylor. I don’t blame her for moving slowly when it comes to displaying this relationship to the public. Even so she did reveal at least one piece of information: “I could give some initials: BC.”

According to an article from Us Weekly, Stassi’s new man is Beau Clark, which does line up with the BC initials that she mentioned during the Maxim interview. Us Weekly doesn’t quote her admitting that exactly, but she did hint, “Yes, I have a new Beau.” I see what you did there, girl. Very clever.

On Valentine’s Day, Stassi shared a photo on her Instagram story with the words “How we do Vday. #roleplay.” She didn’t tag anyone in the photo, but it does look an awful lot like this guy, who she is following on Instagram, whose name is listed as Beau – with no last name mentioned- although it is very likely that it’s this same person.

Stassi Schroeder Discusses Her New Boyfriend & Names The “True Villian” Of Vanderpump Rules

During her Maxim interview, Stassi was asked if her father “approves of BC,” Stassi shared, “They have not met yet.” Stassi is all about “bleeding out for the show,” so it’s safe to assume that she will share more details as time goes on when it comes to her new relationship. In the meantime, she also dished on her most infamous ex: Jax.

Stassi revealed, “Jax and I have gotten to a place where we are absolutely fine.” And even though they are “absolutely fine,” she still had some unflattering sentiments to share. Stassi said, “I’m pretty sure that Jax is the actual villain of our show. Jax does deplorable, awful things, but I love Brittany [Cartwright].”

She added, “I appreciate Jax for the good that I find in him. He’s fun to be around. There is a little shred of kindness in there, somewhere, deep in there. I try to just focus on that, but yeah, we’re fine. We all have to hang out together. We’re all in the same group, so it’s so much easier to get along.” Don’t get along too well, that would make for a pretty boring show.

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