Photos – Cynthia Bailey Doesn’t Want Porsha Williams Talking About Will Jones; Thinks Marlo Hampton Should Be A Housewife

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15029 -- Pictured: Cynthia Bailey -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Did Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes forget that they are filming a reality show? I find that hard to believe, but it’s the only (semi-)plausible explanation for that last Real Housewives of Atlanta episode.

Cynthia told Porsha Williams to tell her if she heard anything else about her boo Will Jones, yet she got offended when Porsha did just that. Then, NeNe decided she and Cynthia should get the best rooms and said “the older girls need to go up” and the “middle age” girls need to downgrade their rooms. Then she got offended when Kandi Burruss conveyed the same exact message that she did but she used the word “elder” instead. NeNe continued to insist that she wasn’t talking about age even though that was what she was talking about.

It made no sense and then all hell broke loose when Kim Zolciak sent that group text accusing NeNe of parking in a handicap space and having a mansion full of roaches. Unfortunately, Cynthia didn’t clear up any of the confusion when she stopped by the clubhouse for the last Watch What Happens Live episode. I have all of the love for Cynthia, but her non-answers to Andy Cohen’s questions didn’t make the most sense.

Andy started out the episode with a brutal poll question: “Do you think Kim lies about her illnesses?” 71% of the voters said yes. Cynthia didn’t do much to dispute that. Instead she just said, “Well, I would hope not. I wouldn’t even want to put that out in the universe.” Then Andy pointed out the obvious: “It seems like NeNe did that tonight.” Yes, but Cynthia and NeNe are close friends these days and she knows what it’s like to be on NeNe’s bad side. There’s no way she’s going against NeNe to defend Kim.

Andy was on a roll last night. When discussing Kandi and NeNe’s (nonsensical) age dispute (#TeamKandi on this one), he reminded Cynthia, “NeNe brought up the maturity thing.” Cynthia argued, “But she never said ‘elder.'” But that is what she meant. NeNe is all about the semantics this season. She denied saying “Porsha should be fired” because those weren’t her exact words and now she refuses to own the word “elder” even though she attempted to cite age as justification to switch room. That made no sense and NeNe’s girl Cynthia wasn’t helping her case.

A caller asked Cynthia, “What is the deal with all the shade thrown at Porsha [Williams] tonight? Do you think Marlo [Hampton] should get a peach next season?” Andy couldn’t help interjecting (again) with some obvious truth: “I didn’t understand because there was a flashback where Porsha said ‘So you want to know if something’s going on?’ And you said ‘Yes, I want to know.'”

Cynthia attempted to defend herself said, “That was that night. There was a lot going on that night. By the time Porsha came to me, I was just like defeated. I had dealt with Eva [Marcille]. Will had dealt with Eva. It was just a lot going on. So in that moment I was like ‘Yeah, I guess.'”

That’s really not how it came across. During that episode, it seemed like Cynthia was trying to hold her own as a strong, independent woman and make a decision based on all the available information. Now she’s backtracking. Although in her defense, it doesn’t seem like Porsha is coming from a place of “concern” when it comes to her Will-related reconnaissance. It would not be a reach to assume that she was (at least partially) motivated by camera time.

As for the second question from the call, Cynthia begrudgingly admitted, “Umm. You know what, yeah. I think Marlo brings it. As long she’s not taking my peach, yeah, she can have one.” I hate to say this, but why give Marlo a peach when she does the most as is? Bravo and/or the production company is saving money by denying Marlo a (much-deserved) peach. Whether she is a full-time Housewife or not, she will continue to be messy and serve up some fierce looks.

A viewer wanted to know, “What are your thoughts on Peter’s [Thomas] new girlfriend?” Then Andy admitted, “I didn’t know he had a new girlfriend.” Cynthia told him, “Oh, he does have a new girlfriend.” Andy was really on his game last night. He was pushing for answers and pointing out the facts all night long. He asked, “Have you met her?” Cynthia said, “No. I haven’t met her, but I’m happy for Peter.”

Then a caller got pretty personal and asked, “When is the last time you had a booty call with Peter? Tell the truth.” Once again, Cynthia danced around the question. She said, “Peter and I still have great chemistry. That’s obvious. I still love Peter, but things didn’t work out and we moved on. Peter’s Peter. I can’t let him back up in here and be like ‘Now you gotta go again.’ If Peter comes back, he’s back, so I can’t do booty calls with him. So I haven’t had a booty call with Peter, OK?” Ever?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]