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Tom Schwartz Dishes On Stassi Shroeder’s New Boyfriend, Code Words On Vanderpump Rules, & Which Cast Members Will Get Married Next

After a tumultuous Season 5 (and that one alleged drunken make out at the beginning of Season 6), Tom Schwartz’s relationship with Katie Maloney is no longer the relationship in the spotlight on Vanderpump Rules. Thanks to the cheating scandal, all roads lead back to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright this season.

So who does Tom think will be the next to get married out of all the cast members?  What does Tom think about Stassi Schroeder’s relationship with her new man Beau Clark?

In an interview for the Buttered Pop podcast, Tom shared, “Beau, by the way, huge fan.” He continued, “I’m on the Beau train. He’s smart. He’s got a good gig. He’s very unique.” The praise just kept on coming: “He’s really charming and he’s fun to hang out with. He has a great, well-rounded personality. Great taste in music too.”

Even so, Tom confessed, “I’m happy for her. I’ve been selfish in the past because me and Katie like to have Stassi single because she’s so fun when she’s single. I feel like she’s at her best when she’s single. She’s really self-deprecating and funny.” He added, “I feel like with Beau, I’m not going to say she’s met her match, but from what it seems like right now, they’re a good pair and she can still be all of those things and still be in a relationship.” But here’s the big question: Will Beau appear on Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules?

Speaking of relationship milestones, Tom was asked to predict which cast members might get married next. After an audible “ummmmm” and lots of thinking, Tom started to say, “I guess I would say maybe…if I had to pick… I would guess Jax and Brittany…or maybe… I don’t know.” After more thought, he added, “Jax and Brittany or Kristen [Doute] and [Brian] Carter if I had to pick. I don’t think anyone’s in any rush as far as I know. Then again, I’m not very observant and I don’t pry with stuff like that. I would guess one of those two couples.”

One of the biggest Vanderpump Rules story lines this season actually happened off-camera. Many fans speculated that “pasta” was actually a code word for drugs. Tom explained, “I think there were code words. We’re pretty chilled out. I’ve tried a lot of things in my life. A lot of things. Especially in college, I liked experimenting with a lot of drugs. I partied a lot when I’ve been in LA too, but I don’t really, no one really, does anything that would require a code word word anymore.”

Tom insisted, “There were code words, but everyone just drinks and maybe smokes a joint once in a while. Everyone’s very laid back in regards to drug intake.” He continued, “There were code words. There aren’t code words anymore. There’s nothing to encode.

No one, that I know of in the cast does any hard drugs at all.” He maintained, “Everybody just drinks and has a fun time.”

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