Tom Schwartz Feels Sad

As a self-proclaimed reality TV connoisseur, I can’t help thinking that there are few thing more frustrating than a pivotal moment occurring away from the cameras. This means that we will (most likely) never have proof of what actually happened.

On Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor was convinced that exes Kristen Doute and James Kennedy hooked up during the cast trip to Mexico because some outdoor pillows were (allegedly) misplaced. The last eyewitness to James and Kristen’s late night hang out was an admittedly drunk one: Tom Schwartz.

During an episode of the Pump Rules Podcast, Tom made it clear that he was not swayed by Jax forming conclusions based on pillow placement. He admitted, “I don’t think it was irrefutable by any means.”

Tom described the James and Kristen hang out (that should have been filmed): “It was so fun, strictly platonic. We were having the best time, just caught up in the moment. Still young’ish. We’re drinking in Mexico. No weird vibes at all.”

Unfortunately, Tom’s time as a witness to (possible) scandal was short-lived. He confessed, “I don’t want to say I blacked out. I went on a solo adventure. I remember kind of wandering off and I got lost/browned out.” He added, “I started to get a little worried at some point because you know, you are in Mexico. It’s a foreign country and you don’t necessarily want to be wandering around shit faced by yourself at 6 in the morning.” Tom concluded, “These guys came. They swooped me up in a golf cart, took me home, and I lived happily ever after.” As funny as that it is, it doesn’t help conclude Kristen and James hookup investigation.

Tom admitted, “I don’t know. It’s pointless for me to weigh in I guess. I don’t think anything happened. I think it all just stemmed from a miscommunication. It got way blown out of proportion, but in our defense, I really thought that he said that in that moment. I thought Jax asked him that and I thought he said ‘Yeah, a little bit.’” Drunkenness combined with a British accent turned that exchange into a conversation that was very difficult to decipher.

There’s another conversation that was widely misinterpreted this season. During Jeremy Madix’s birthday party, Tom Schwartz broke down in tears during a conversation with Tom Sandoval about Jax cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers. It seemed like Schwartz was upset about Jax, but that was only a small part of it. Schwartz explained, “That was a little, tiny piece of it. The cameras can’t catch everything. They can’t be everywhere at once.” He continued, “The root of that was first and foremost a lack of sleep. I barely slept the night before.”

Tom revealed, “The real reasons I was crying, which they didn’t catch on camera, my dad actually had an emergency surgery. He had a blood clot in his arm.” He added, “If it would have been like a day later, he might have died. It was really serious. Thinking about the mortality of my dad who I love so much and care about… my dad’s my hero. I love him. It was devastating.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]