Brandi Glanville Quit Her Podcast After Scheana Marie Got A Podcast With The Same Company; Scheana Scared Of Lisa Vanderpump?

Are you even a reality TV star if you don’t have a podcast? At this point, hosting your own podcast has become a rite of passage for reality TV stars. Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville has had one for a while and now Vanderpump Rules cast member (and Brandi’s ex-husband’s former mistress) Scheana Marie has her own show as well.

Even though Brandi and Scheana have made peace, it still rubbed Brandi the wrong way when she found out that Scheana had a podcast with the same company that had a very similar premise to her own. To make matters worse, Brandi’s longtime enemy (and Scheana’s boss) Lisa Vanderpump’s influence over Scheana caused Brandi to (temporarily) quit her own show.

After quitting her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast for a short time, Brandi returned to the show to explain why. She began, “So I wanted to tell everyone why I quit.”

Brandi continued to explain the situation in a conversation with her producer: “You remember the episode with you and Kirsten. I came out of Big Brother and we were recapping everything. I had been gone a month and I had no idea what was going on in the world. At all. At the end of that, you guys let me know that you guys hired Scheana to do a podcast that would be like interviewing reality people. I was like, that sounds kind of like mine. Then, I was kind of like taken aback a little bit. Then you told me, you had to produce it. I thought ‘Oh my god. I’m being cheated on again with Scheana.’ Then, Kirsten said, ‘Would you have James Maslow on your show?’and I said, ‘Absolutely.'”

Brandi admitted, “I’m a very reactive person. I was upset.” She added, “I wasn’t even mad. I was shocked at first.”

After more thought, Brandi revealed that she found a way to turn this into a positive. Brandi continued, “Then I said, I’ll have her on. That’s great. We can actually talk because I think people want to hear us hash things out a bit, even though we are actually friends. We were texting all night. Then Kirsten said, ‘She can’t do the show unless she gets permission from Lisa.’ That’s when I saw red. I was like ‘Fuck everyone.'”

Brandi confessed, “I was like, are you kidding? This bitch is still ruining my life. I’ve been here almost five years. This is the one thing I have that she can’t touch. Now she’s telling me whether I can interview Scheana or not.”

Brandi found another reason to be annoyed by the situation. Brandi shared, “Watching Scheana on Watch What Happens Live and Andy [Cohen] asks about her podcast. She goes, ‘I’m having James Maslow on it.’ And I was like ‘Fuck everyone’ because Kirsten asked me if I would have James on my show. Then I wrote an email- a mass email- that loyalty was nothing to anyone. I kind of regretted it. I wasn’t drinking. I was like you know what, it’s too incestuous. It was too close for comfort.”

After that, Brandi saw Scheana when they were both surprise guests on another Watch What Happens Live episode. Brandi reveals, “She goes, ‘Please tell me you didn’t leave PodcastOne and that I had nothing to do with it.’ I go, ‘Well, actually you did.’ And I told her exactly what I just told you. Obviously, you and I are fine, we text all the time, I got her this new gig with this company called Cameo. So I told her what I told you. I was just taken aback, it was more the Lisa thing.”

Brandi continued, “She explained that she didn’t have to get permission from Lisa, but she wanted to wait to get her pickup from Vanderpump Rules.” She also threw in, “Because Lisa is very controlling. Even posting pictures, she was scared. That’s very sad.” And I’m sure that Brandi speaking about this on her own podcast is not exactly easing any worries Scheana allegedly had.

Brandi concluded, “I’m not afraid of Lisa, obviously, but she did try to ruin my life for the past four years. Then having her just in this world, I was like hell no.”

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