Stephanie Hollman Hopes LeeAnne Locken & D’Andra Simmons “Can Work It Out Before It’s Too Late”

Is LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons’ friendship over for good? At the beginning of Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3, it just seemed like the two were in the middle of a rough patch resulting from some miscommunications. Now it seems much worse than that.

D’Andra accused LeeAnne’s fiance Rich Emberlin of cheating on her and claimed that they “lived separate lives.LeeAnne accused D’Andra of “drinking too much” and being drunk at charity events. D’Andra did not show up to shop for LeeAnne’s wedding dress shopping trip during the last episode, but she claims that she wasn’t invited until the night before. There is just so much confusion, missteps, and shade between these two. In D’Andra’s absence, Stephanie Hollman did show up to help LeeAnne shop, which is not something anyone would have expected after watching the first two seasons.

Stephanie shared her perspective on the LeeAnne vs. D’Andra drama in a recent Bravo blog post. She admitted, “While I loved that I was there for LeeAnne, I couldn’t help but think that D’Andra should have been there too. They have been friends for so many years, I hate that she is missing such a special moment.”

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Stephanie explained why she could relate to the strain between the former besties, since she went through something similar last season with her own BFF Brandi Redmond– although it never got this bad. Stephanie wrote, “I get it, and I’ve been through it, but there are so many moments that I regret not sharing last year because of my fight with Brandi, and I hope these two can work it out before it’s too late.” That seems very unlikely at this point, but Housewives have made up after way worse fallouts over the years.

For now, it just seems like it’s only going to get worse between D’Andra and LeeAnne before it can ever get better. Stephanie wrote, “Off to Copenhagen, we go! Yes, BrandiCary [Deuber]Kameron [Westcott], and myself were the divas of the bunch because we upgraded ourselves…” Will D’Andra and LeeAnne use their twelve hours in coach seating to resolve their differences? Probably not. If anything, they’re bound to be even more irritable after the long travel, jet lag, and a season full of shady tension.

Stephanie concluded, “Tune in next week for part one of our Copenhagen trip! Doesn’t it look like fun? I’ll go ahead and take that tequila shot and hug now, please!” Any time, Stephanie. As your friend in my head, I would give you a tequila shot and a hug whenever “needed.”

[Photo Credit: Bravo]