Kristen Doute Claims James Kennedy Cheated On Raquel Leviss While She Was Asleep In The Next Room On Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules Episode

The Vanderpump Rules Season 7 premiere episode made one thing clear: James Kennedy is the odd man out. Sure, it was extremely rude of him to rap about Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright right in front of her. Let’s just be honest though. The cast members will take any excuse to keep hating on the self-proclaimed White Kanye. If he didn’t do that, they would find something else to hate him for. Luckily for them, he gives them plenty of material to work with.

James’ ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute is leading the charge. She pulls a move that is very reminiscent of the Miami girl scenario, minus that whole flight from Florida to California thing.

On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules episode, Kristen has an opportunist a “friend” that claims she slept with James while his girlfriend Raquel Leviss was asleep in the next room during Coachella. Here’s the real question: Why are so many people claiming that they slept with James Kennedy? Who would want that on his/her resume? Apparently, a lot of people. He’s been dating Raquel for years, yet that hasn’t stopped girls (and boys) from claiming they’ve slept with him. What am I missing here?

This all goes down during SUR’s annual gay pride celebration, which happens to be ’80s themed. This means that everyone is wearing ridiculous themed outfits and excessive amounts of glitter while they scream at each other. Raquel claims “Kristen is so hung up on her past with James.” However, I think she’s more hung up on the fact that he gets consistently more screentime than she has for the past couple of seasons.

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Of course, the episode starts off on a fun note. The entire cast (minus James, of course) gathers at Jax and Brittany’s place to celebrate their engagement. Even Lisa Vanderpump treks from her mansion to their apartment with its “cottage cheese ceiling,” shocking pretty much everyone. A shocked Brittany even yells, “Lisa, you’re in my apartment!”

Now that Brittany has a ring on her finger, Jax continues his quest to prove he is a new man. His next step? Begging Lisa for his job back at SUR. But do any of the cast members actually work at SUR at this point?

Sure, they film there and discuss last night’s drama while wearing the restaurant uniforms. But are they actually still waiting on tables and pouring vodka cranberries? That seems so unlikely. Why do that when there are laxative teas, monthly subscription boxes, and teeth whitening products to promote on Instagram?

Of course, there some cast members who are not buying this “new Jax” routine. Ariana Madix asks Scheana Marie, “Is he going to go back into his old ways?” Let’s hope not, for Brittany’s sake?

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